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Dr. Deb started her career as Assistant Manager in a Consulting company. As Assistant Manager she worked on numerous projects with clients like ITC, TATA, UBS, Limitless etc. She obtained her PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. Her thesis was on ‘CRM Practices in Indian Retail Sector’. She has over 4 years of research and 6 years of teaching experience. She has published papers in various Journals & Conferences of International & National repute. She is currently working in the area of Consumer Behaviour, Retail & Market Research techniques.

Title Name of Journal Author (S) Vol No. Year
Antecedents and Consequences of Consumer Skepticism towards Cause Related Marketing: Gender as Moderator and Attitude as Mediator Journal of Marketing Communications Amawate, Vibhas and Deb, Madhurima (Forthcoming)
Cause Related Marketing and its impact on Buying Intention Theoretical Economics Letters Amawate, Vibhas and Deb, Madhurima 9(6) 2019
Cause Related Marketing and Customer Skepticism: A Study of Situational and Psychological Skepticism Theoretical Economics Letters Amawate, Vibhas and Deb, Madhurima, Manchanda, Mohit 9(4) 2019
Store Attributes, Relationship Investment, Culture, Religiosity and Relationship Quality: A Cross-Cultural Study International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management Deb, Madhurima 2018
Shiva Tourist Dhaba: Managing Customer Loyalty IVEY Publishing Deb, Madhurima and Sinha, G. 2017
Director’s Dilemma: Balancing Between Quality and Diversity European Case Clearing House Deb, Madhurima and Sharma, V 2017
Factors impacting the adoption of m-banking: understanding brand India’s potential for financial inclusion Journal of Asia Business Studies Deb, Madhurima & Agarwal, Arati 11(1) 2017
Harley’s Corner: Positioning Dilemma in the Pet Food Market IVEY Publishing Deb, Madhurima 2017
Developing a Market for Compost in India Book: SALES AND DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT: A Practice Based Approach by RAMENDRA SINGH Deb, Madhurima 2016
Impact of Culture on Religiosity, Cosmopolitanism and Ethnocentrism Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics Deb, Madhurima & Sinha, Gautam 28(1), 56-72 2016
An Empirical Examination of Customer’s Adoption of m-Banking in India Marketing Intelligence & Planning Deb, Madhurima & E. L. David 32(4) 2014
Impact of Firm’s Reputation & Ethnocentrism on Attitude towards Foreign Products Marketing Intelligence & Planning Deb, Madhurima, Roy Chaudury, Himadri 32(5) 2014
Evaluation of Retail Service Quality using Analytic Hierarchy Process International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management Deb, Madhurima & E. L. David 42(6) 2014
Retailer-Customer relationship orientation International Journal of Commerce & Research (Review of International Business and Strategy) Deb, Madhurima 24(3) 2014
A Strategic Analysis of the Various Reforms of Khadi and Village Industries Commission: Case Based Approach International Journal of Business and Globalization Deb, Madhurima 12(4), 439-456 2013
Critical analysis of seller-customer bonding: perception, retention, orientation and status Journal of Management Policy and Practice (North American Business Press) Deb, Madhurima & E. L. David. 14(1) 2013
An Integrated Framework to Serve the Bottom of Pyramid International Journal of Business and Globalization (Inderscience Publication) Deb, Madhurima 11(2), 171–186 2013
Assessing the ethnocentric tendencies of different age - cohorts in an emerging market Journal of Indian Business Research Deb, Madhurima & Roy Chaudhury, Himadri 4(4), 244 – 268 2019
Evaluation of Customer‘s Mall Preferences in India using Fuzzy AHP Approach Journal of Advances in Management Research (Emerald Publication) Deb, Madhurima 9(1) 2012
Significance of Trust and Loyalty during Financial Crisis--A study on Indian bank’s customer’s behavior South Asian Journal of Management Deb, Madhurima and Chavali, Kavita 2010
A study on the significance of E-Trust and E-Loyalty in online banking Journal of Management AIMS International Journal of Management (ISSN: 1939-7011) Deb, Madhurima and Chavali, Kavita 2009
A study of gender difference in investment behavior Asia Pacific Business Review (ISSN: 0973-2470) Deb, Madhurima and Chavali, Kavita 5(3), 45-55 2009
Impact of Green Marketing on Customer Relationship: -A Theoretical Approach Environment Management Practices—An Indian Outlook” by Vedam Publications (ISBN 81-7906-170-1) Deb, Madhurima and Anand, Shilpa 2007
Water Resource Management by INon State Actors of India Environment Management Practices—An Indian Outlook by Vedam Publications (ISBN 81-7906-170-1) Deb, Madhurima, Anand, Shilpa and Sinha, Gautam 2007
Importance of Service Quality to retain retail Customers ICFAI Journal of Marketing Management Deb, Madhurima, Sinha, Gautam 6(1), 6-15 2007

Courses in PGP

  • Marketing Management-I
  • Sales and Distribution Management
  • Strategic Brand Management
  • Business Research Methods

Courses in FPM & EFPM

  • Quantitative Research Methods
  • Advances in Consumer Behaviour
  • Advances in Brand Management
  • Case Studies in Marketing

Courses in EPGP

  • Marketing Management-I
  • Strategic Brand Management


Organized a two day International Conference on “Globalization of Brand India: Opportunities and Challenges” on 18th and 19th of April 2015 at India Habitat Center, Delhi


  1. As Principal Investigator handled the “General Management Program” for Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd during February and April 2017 for a batch size of 110 participants.
  2. Taught in series of TATA Chemical MDPs
  3. Taught in series of LIC MDPs
  4. Taught in BEL MDP


  1. Highly Commended Award Winner: Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence (2018).
  2. Awarded Best Paper Award in Globalizing Brand India: Opportunities and Challenges, (2015).
  3. Awarded Best Professor in Marketing Management by World Education Congress 2013.
  4. Highly Commended Award Winner: Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence (2013).
  5. Best paper award: 4th Annual General Business Conference at Sam Houston State University, Houston, Texas (2012).
  6. Best paper award: 7th AIMS International Conference on Management, IIM Bangalore (2009)
  7. Best paper award: AIB at IILM, Delhi (2006) 8. Best paper award: World congress on lateral computing at IISc Bangalore (2004) 9. Qualified JRF/NET by UGC (University Grant Commission (2003).
10 July 2019 till date Chairperson Marketing
18 June 2018 till date Chairperson Library at IIM Kashipur
18 June 2018 till date Co-Chair Internal Complaint Committee at IIM Kashipur
22 April 2013 to 15 June 2016 Chairperson Admissions at IIM Kashipur
December 2013 to March 2017 Presiding Officer Internal Complaint Committee at IIM Kashipur
November 2013 to June 2016 Co-Chair Student Affairs at IIM Kashipur