Friday Seminar Series

Speaker Topic Date Year
Prof. Amitabh Raturi, Professor Emeritus, Department of Operations, Business Analytics, and Information Systems, University of Cincinnati

Research paradigms in Operations and Business Management: An historical perspective

18 November 2022
Prof. Utkarsh, Assistant Professor, Marketing Area, IIM Kashipur

Effect of relational benefits on consumers’ extra-role and in-role behaviors: A social identity and social exchange perspective.

14 November 2022
Prof. Ashish Kumar, Associate Professor, Finance Area, IIM Kashipur

The intertemporal relationship between working capital policies and dynamics of corporate cash holdings? Evidence from emerging and developed economies

11 November 2022
Prof. Abhradeep Maiti, Assistant Professor, Economics Area, IIM Kashipur

Heterogenous impact of COVID-19 pandemic on individual income across industries.

07 October 2022
Prof. Rahul Ashok Kamble, Assistant Professor, Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Area, IIM Kashipur

Swimming with the tide: Managing precarious work through emotion management.

30 September 2022
Prof. Abhishek Srivastava, Assistant Professor, Operations Management & Decision Sciences Area, IIM Kashipur

Adoption of Blockchain Technology to Curb Unauthorized Gray Market Selling.

23 September 2022
Prof. A V Raman, Assistant Professor, Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Area, IIM Kashipur

Restaurant waiters-the precariat; before
during and after the pandemic, a
qualitative study in urban India.

09 September 2022
Prof. Amrut Sadachar, Associate Professor, Consumer and Design Sciences Department, College of Human Sciences, Auburn University

Research ideas generation based on the
trends in retail industry and consumer
shopping experiences.

06 June 2022
Prof. Sourav Mukherji, Professor, Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Area, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Challenges of Teaching in an Age of Distraction.

20 December 2021
Dr. Monomita Nandy, Reader in Accounting and Finance & Director of Internationalization at Brunel Business School

Importance of research impact and
research publication during doctoral

23 August 2021
Prof. Russell W. Belk, Professor of Marketing, Schulich School of Business, York University

Qualitative Research

13 February 2021
Prof. Utpal Bhattacharya, Professor, Department of Finance, Hong Kong University

Research Seminar in Finance

16 January 2021
Dr. Rajat Roy, Associate Professor, Marketing, Bond Business School and Associate Editor for European Journal of Marketing

Experimental Design

22 December 2020