Visiting Faculty
Afendras, Evangelos

IIM Kashipur
Kundeshwari, Kashipur
District- Udham Singh Nagar
Uttarakhand 244713

"With teaching experience going back to 1966 and spanning many countries I have developed a deep interest and a personal perspective on learning. As a teacher or trainer I emphasise the empowerment of learners through negotiation of objectives and content, through the joint choice of projects and problems from a platform of enquiry-based learning. Having entered the Pacific and Asian region in 1970 through multicultural Hawaii, I like to tease some of my Asian students that though a Greek, I have lived in Asia much longer than they have. My professional life course has evolved through distinct phases and areas of endeavour, from engineering to the language sciences and education, to communication, entrepreneurship and sustainability. Throughout these decades of teaching, training and research I have been fascinated by creativity and innovation, practiced and encouraged it in my approaches to learning. This takes me back to some of the specific teaching models such as PBL, and the assertion that creativity and teacher-centred learning may not be the easiest partners. I hope to put my experience to use in areas such as education for poverty reduction and sustainable development."