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Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance

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Phone: +91-5947-262176 (Ext. 235)
Email: ashish.kumar@iimkashipur.ac.in
IIM Kashipur
Kundeshwari, Kashipur
District- Udham Singh Nagar
Uttarakhand 244713


Dr. Ashish Kumar Garg has obtained his Ph.D in Finance from Haryana Business School, India. His Ph. D dissertation examined the Impact Foreign Institutional Investment on Indian Stock Market. Prior to joining IIM Kashipur, he had worked with IIM Raipur and LBSIM, Delhi. He has no. of national and international publications in his account. His research work has appeared in the Journals of International repute like Springer, Sage, EBSCO host database. He has also presented a number of research papers in international and national conferences also.

He taught various courses such as Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Corporate Finance, Investment Management, Business Valuation, Fixed Income Securities, and Behavioural Finance. His research work is primarily focused on stock market, foreign investment and behavioural finance.

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