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Marketing, Retailing, Consumer Behaviour, Social Media, Social Marketing, Developmental Evaluation
Associate Professor & Assistant Dean Executive Education, Dehradun Campus

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Email: dwarika.uniyal@iimkashipur.ac.in
IIM Kashipur
Kundeshwari, Kashipur
District- Udham Singh Nagar
Uttarakhand 244713


Dr Uniyal started his career as a Manager in a retail firm and learnt the basics of the business. After his corporate stint, he has been teaching at premier business schools in India and Middle East in various academic capacities. He was the Founding Dean (Academic) of Jindal Global Business School, O P Jindal Global University where he was instrumental in setting up a new business school. In an academic career spread over a decade and half, he served as faculty member in premier Business Schools like S P Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai; SPJGSM, Dubai-Singapore (where as a founder faculty member he helped build the global business school in Dubai) and Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA). He launched two programmes at MICA namely PG Programme in Retail Communications Management (PGPRCM) and PG Programme in Communications for Executives (PGPCMX). He has also been a visiting faculty to many premier business schools like IIM Indore, SPJIMR, Mumbai, MICA, Ahmedabad, XIM Bhubeneswar, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, NID Ahmedabad, SPJGSM Dubai, etc.

He was invited by Govt. of India to serve as Professor of Management in India's premier Academy LBSNAA, Mussoriee to train India's Civil Servants. He was also nominated by Govt. of India as national expert in Retailing in Asian Productivity Organization, Tokyo. He was also nominated by DOPT to attend an International Programme on Developmental Evaluation (IPDET) at Carleton University, Canada.

He also serves on the Board of Management of leading academic institutes in Uttarakhand and advisory board of few start up firms of his ex-students and mentors them regularly. 

He has co-authored bestselling text book titled "Managing Retailing", which was published by Oxford University Press. For his research work, he has been awarded Distinguished Research Fellow as well as Young Global Scholar awards in the past. He has published widely in International Journals and is member of editorial and review boards of academic journals. Over the years he has been invited to deliver keynotes lectures and conduct workshops and corporate training programmes across US, UK, Middle East, Japan, China, South East Asia and India.



Co-authored with P K Sinha, IIM Ahmedabad, “Managing Retailing-2nd Edition” Oxford University Press, India (2012)

Co-authored with P K Sinha, IIM Ahmedabad, “Managing Retailing”, Oxford University Press, India (2007).


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Sinha P K, Banerjee A and Uniyal D P, 2002, April – June "Deciding where to buy: Store choice behaviour of Indian shoppers, "Vikalpa" Management Journal, IIM Ahmedabad, Vol. 27, Issue 2., Page 13-27.

Trade Magazines and Newspapers

Uniyal D P and Sarkar Swagato(2012, November) “FDI in Retailing in India: Socio Economic and Policy Implications”, POP Today, Page 52-53

Uniyal D P, (2012, September) “Tech enabled redefining of the shopper experience”, POP Today, Page 40-41

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Working Papers

Sinha P K and Uniyal D P, 2009, “POP Communications: Role of Information Search, Shopping Involvement and Store Benefit”, IIM Ahmedabad unpublished working paper

Sinha P K and Uniyal D P, 2001“POP Communication: A conceptual model based on shopper expectation”, MICA unpublished working paper.

International Conferences

Uniyal D P, “Café Groove Yard: Learning Retailing by doing it”, Accepted for Presentation in Higher Education Teaching & Learning (HETL) Conference, to be held January 13-15, 2013, at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA

Uniyal D P, “An exploratory approach to develop a new scale to measure the construct of Shopping Involvement”, 8th AGBA-DUFE World Congress, Dalian University of Finance and Economics, Dalian China, 15-17 September, 2011. Won the Best Paper in Marketing Award.

Uniyal D P, “An experimental study on the role of Store Benefit and Information Search by Shopper towards In-Store Communication”, 6th Annual London Business Research Conference, Imperial College, London, UK, 11 & 12 July 2011.

Uniyal D P, “POP Communication: Role of Information Search and Store Benefit”, 7th Academy for Global Business Advancement World Congress 2010, Malaysia, Dec 1-3, 2010. I was awarded the AGBA Young Global Scholar Award.

Uniyal D P, “ Indian Retailing: Growth and Productivity issues”, presentation at the coordination committee meeting of National Experts organised by Asian Productivity Organization , Tokyo, Japan, Nov, 2007.

Uniyal D P, “Private Label Brands: Challenges and Strategies for Retailers and Marketers” Key note speech at Seminar, Private Label Middle East, Dubai, UAE, Oct, 2007.

Sinha P K and Uniyal D P “Segmenting shoppers on behaviour" at the10th International Conference on Recent Advances in Retailing and Consumer Services Science, Portland, Oregon, USA, August 2003

Research Awards

Distinguished Research Scholar Award at Jindal Global University, 2011

Best Paper Award in AGBA World Congress, DUFE, Dalian, China, 2011

Recipient of AGBA Young Scholar Award, 2010

Represented India as National Expert in Retailing at Asian Productivity Organization, Japan.



Founding Co-Editor, Jindal Global Business Review (Sage)

Ex-Managing Editor, Journal of Creative Communications (Sage)

Editorial Board, Journal for International Business and Entrepreneurship Development (Inderscience)

Other Activities:

Corporate Advisory Board Member:

Shark Design: Retail Design Firm, New Delhi

EVAM Entertainment Ltd,: Theatre and Entertainment Company, Chennai

Spring Innovations: Educational Programmes for Children, Mumbai

ARRAY Consulting: Management and Retail Consulting Firm, Kolkata

Sriram Foods: A Spice Branding and Marketing Company, Pune

ANDES & Co: Promoters of Groove Yard: A Campus Café, Sonipat

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Elective Consumer Behaviour (MBA) Term VI
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