International Conference in Marketing

IIM Kashipur presents International Conference on
“Globalizing Brand India: Opportunities and Challenges”
April 18-19, 2015 at Delhi.

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  • Objectives

Indian Institute of Management Kashipur is happy to announce the International Conference in Marketing and (in associated Public Policy areas and Outreach Programmes) titled “Globalizing Brand India: Opportunities and Challenges” scheduled on April 18-19, 2015 at Delhi, India.

The objectives of the conference are :

  • to provide a special forum to present and discuss research on marketing and related public policy domain (including all related interface areas) in the context of “Globalizing Brand India”
  • to facilitate sharing research and thought leadership based marketing and related public policy knowledge and papers among academicians, senior corporate practitioners and public policy makers (including input from industry chambers and global think tank p rofessionals).

This will be achieved through synergy and coherence of multi-disciplinary research and thought leadership (conceptual) based idea generation and discussions involving three distinct segments of a. the conceptualization part b. the internal management part and c. agenda for the future part. The conference will provide a forum for multiple stakeholders to share research and thought process on this very contemporary topic.

  • The Programme Structure of the Conference
  1. The Conceptualization Part (The Internationalization Aspects) – “India Invites”
  2. The first part of the conference (and the related topic) addresses goal setting, policy formulation and the rationale for the focus on “Brand India” concept. The first part of the conference addresses th e why and what of “Brand India” aspects. This conference will attempt to address the new contours of " significant convergence of foreign policy and economic policy " as one of the key themes given that vigorous focus is being put now on trade , investment and knowledge transfer by government of India . This conference proposes to explore research papers and thought leadership papers about the type of “Brand India” that global community want s to do business with and the drivers of making of that type of ‘Bra nd India’ concept ( i.e. what really it stands for ) . In this context, a discussion on competitive advantages enjoyed by India based c orporates may be meaningful . It may help academic , research and practitioner community in u nderstand ing the product/service categories where India based corporates have competitive advantage and in comprehending the source/nature of this competitive advantage. There is a need to understand wherever competitive advantages exist, is it low cost of production based advantage or in some categories our companies are able to rise upstream in the value chain through tangible differentiation . It will be meaningful to know the related experiences of senior corporate professionals from companies where conscious strategic efforts are happening on tangible differentiation front.

    The conference will attempt to address the key aspect of innovation. I t is absolutely clear if “B rand I ndia ” has to rise globally in terms of reputation ; some powerful, innovative Indian based marketers and brands have to emerge at the global scen e though it will take a few years of time and significant upweighting of the R&D investment is required from current levels by the India based corporates. T he conscious process has started to a ce rtain extent in last 7/8 years in many India based corporates but the point to be addressed is where some of these marketers stand today and what is their future road map on innovation and global brand building .

    This section also requires discussion about the importance of economic and geopolitical organizations where India is a member nation like SAARC, BRICS etc. India is also a part of the latest initiatives like BRICS Bank. In recent times, India has made major initial progress in terms of developing bilateral trade initiatives with key powers like Japan, Australia , China and US .

  3. The Internal Management Aspects – “India Prepares”
  4. The second part of the conference (and the related topic) addresses the key implementation focus on “Brand India” concept. This part of the conference addresses the how part of “Brand India” concepts and strives to have a thorough review of existing paradigms through research and conceptual papers from multiple stakeholder groups . It includes understandi ng the transformation of consumer India, demographic trends in India and the associated impact especially on rural marketing strategies, role of technology as a facilitator, holistic perspective on tourism (getting more international tourists and their sat isfaction will also be a big driver of this "Brand India" campaign/conference theme - drivers of competition with some other major countries of Asian tourism ) , branding of healthcare services, role and importance of professional education (HRD policies) in helping India to represent at international level.

  5. Agenda for the Future – “India Ahead” (Transformational India)
  6. The third and concluding part of the conference will focus upon a few of the specific agenda for the future which are compatible with the main theme of the conference. This includes key concepts like brand co - creation and emerging infrastructure development opportunities .

  • Detailed Themes and Sub themes:
    A. “India Invites”
  1. Interface of International marketing , Economics , Public Policy and Strategy
    • Country risk a nalysis and importance of PESTLE framework
    • Making of Brand India
    • Marketing of Brand India - emphasizing the strategies adopted and its related practical implications.
    • Make in and designed in India concepts

      • The concept of COO ( c ountry of o rigin) and its impact on branding
      • Brand identity, brand salience and its impact on trust
      • Country of manufacturing and country of origin
    • Competitive advantage of nations and the nature of competitive advantage enjoyed by (or being built by) Indian corporates
    • The importance given to innovation by reputed and upcoming India based marketers for their global penetration strategies
    • New product and service development and the i mportance of leapfrogging among select Indian corporates for global competitiveness
    • International marketing initiatives and development of economics of scale initiatives
    • The emergence of new economic blocks and strengthening of existing economic blocks
    • The desired nature and importance of bilateral agreements with economically powerful countries
    • The importance of government strategy in terms of propping up some industries where we may have potential world players in the future (e.g. the Korean Government – Chaebols cooperation of yesteryears)
    • The marketing interface and marketing savviness required for Indian clusters (auto, handloom, textile, pharmaceutical, IT etc. ) and for Indian SMEs
    B. “India Prepares” – The I nternal Management Aspects
  2. Understanding the transformation of Consumer India
    • Key social changes in India and cultural aspects contributing to Brand India
    • Emerging consumer hierarchy levels
    • The importance of social innovations for fmcg sector
    • Linkage of consumer insights and integrated marketing communication
    • Emerging focus in India on qualitative research / mixed method research especially applicable to consumer behavior research
    • Customer relationship management
  3. Demographic Trends in India and Rural Marketing Strategies
    • Demographic dividend and desirable government initiatives for leveraging the demographic dividend
    • Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid
    • Social entrepreneurship
    • Marketers connecting to the youth segment
    • Rural women face uplift, social transformation and the changing marketing dimensions.
  4. Services Marketing Strategies
    • Holistic Perspective on Tourism
      • Tourism policy and marketing approaches – current and expected
      • Best practices in tourism from State Tourism Boards
      • Promotion of handicrafts, khadi
    • Branding of Healthcare Services
      • Innovations in healthcare services and its impact on branding
      • Branding of service quality, patient satisfaction and loyalty
    • Role and importance of Professional Education Sector (HRD policies)
      • Skill assessment and development for a more productive workforce
      • Importance of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses)
  5. Digital India
    • Increasing the effectiveness of Digital Marketing Strategies
    • Role of Social Media (Networks), Analytics and Cloud Computing
    • Content Marketing – How it has evolved over the years?
    • E - commerce
    C. “India Ahead” (Way Forward)
  6. Brand Co-Creation
    • Collaboration and co-creation for brand innovation
    • Customer made, co-creation, user-generated content
    • Co-creation and crowdsourcing through social media
    • Impact of technology
    • Role of key co-creators and stakeholders in policy
      • Central government and state governments
      • Major exporters from India
      • Indian corporates on “globalization” journey
      • Financial institutions
  7. Opportunities pertaining to Infrastructure for “Transformational India”
    • - Urban competitiveness
    • - Convergence and integration – Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
    • - Access approach
    • - Linkage of sustainability and “smart city”(inclusive and sustainable city)
    • - Modernization of Indian Railways
    • - Mission Clean Ganga – reinforcing and strengthening our symbol and cultural ethos
  • Process of Selection of Papers

The nature of papers requested for this multi - faceted conference is little bit diverse but synergistic in nature. Academic papers ( either conceptual or empirical papers) are encouraged from researchers and faculty members for this conference and this segme nt is likely to be the largest group (from India and from abroad together) in terms of number of papers expected for the conference . International researchers can consider sending papers (among other ideas that may be considered by them ) from emerging mark et perspective (either papers relevant for Indian market perspective or the pertinence of any of the mentioned themes / sub themes as relevant in their own countries and drawing inferences about how some of the learnings and insights may be adapted from their respective countries to a major emerging market like India). Papers are also encouraged from international researchers (both from developed and emerging countries) about how some of the global brands from their own countries (country of origin) are e merging and what are the relevant lessons for India based global marketers in the long journey of global brand building . Select thought leadership papers are also requested from senior corporate people a) from those India based corporate who are in the jou rney of building tangible differentiation or cost leadership in terms of their quest for "global brand building" and b) from those MNCs who are investing heavily in India for "localization" and for adapting their global brands for Indian market . Finally, select thought leadership papers are requested from closely related (with conference theme) public policy areas from senior government representatives and from senior representative of think tanks. Most papers submitted by senior corporate professionals/sen ior government people are likely to be presented through keynote speech or panel discussion mode. Very senior academicians submitting their papers are likely to be requested to chair the sessions. Selection of papers for presentation will be based on detailed abstracts of 1,000 to 2,000 words . The author(s) should clearly mention under what area of interest of the conference (mentioned themes and sub themes) the abstract is to be included. They shou ld adhere to the following for the abstract :

Length 1,000 to 2,000 words excluding title/cover page and references
Margins 2.5 cm. or 1 inch
Font Times New Roman, 12 point
Spacing 1.5
Title page Title, author(s), affiliation(s), contact details
Key words Four

Abstracts will be blind reviewed and only those abstracts approved by the reviewers will be selected. The abstract should be submitted to intconfmark2015@iimkashipur.ac.in not later than January 05 , 2015 . Authors (of selected abstracts) will be notified of acceptance in phases by e mail by January 17, 2015. Acceptance of the abstract implies that at least one of the authors will attend the conference and present the paper. In case a paper is submitted for presentation in absentia, an additional processing fee of US $ 100 needs to be paid by the author(s) .

While the quality of the content in any paper (empirical or thought leadership) is the most important factor , delegates (with accepted abstracts) are generally requested to confine the size of the paper to maximum 9000 words ( full length research papers from academicians) and to maximum 5000 words ( conceptual thought leadership papers from senior corporate professionals, government professionals and representatives from think tanks and business chambers). A select list of accepted papers for the conference will be published in the Conference Proceedi ngs.

  • Important Dates
Last Date for Abstract Submission (by e mail) January 15, 2015
Last Day for Notification of Acceptance of the Abstract (by e mail) January 17, 2015
Last Date for Submission of Full Papers (for Selected Abstracts) (by e mail) March 26, 2015
Last Date for Registration (Full Fee payment) March 26, 2015
Registration April 18, 2015
Conference Dates April 18-19, 2015
Distribution of Certificates to All delegates April 19, 2015 (afternoon)

Among all the papers submitted through registration payment by March 26, 2015, three best papers will be awarded during the conference . These papers will be chosen by a panel of experts .

"Few selected papers from the conference will be considered for publication in Journal of Asia Business Studies ISSN: 1558-7894, Emerald journal."

There will be a special issue of few selected papers from the conference in JOURNAL OF ASIA BUSINESS STUDIES (EMERALD JOURNAL). Interested authors have to provide their response via email (intconfmark2015@iimkashipur.ac.in). For further regarding submissions guidelines, please refer to the link provided below- http://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/products/journals/author_guidelines.htm?id=jabs

  • Registration

The Registration Fee for conference delegates (on a per delegate basis) will be as below:

Industry/ Non Participating Delegates (Attending but not providing paper) INR 9000(Resident Indians) / USD 500 (International Delegate)
Participating Authors (Faculty/Corporate providing paper) INR 7000(Resident Indians) / USD 300 (International Delegate)
Students / Ph.D. Scholars INR 5000(Resident Indians) / USD 100 (International Delegate)

The deadline to register for the conference is March 26, 2015. The registration fee for the event covers attendance, program kit, lunches, conference dinner on 18th April night and light refreshments. The Registration fees is inclusive of all taxes. Accommodation is not included in the registration fee and will have to be arranged by delegates themselves .

 Download Registration Form

Service tax registration no.- AAAAI4584LSD001
Remittance Details-
A/C Name: Indian Institute of Management Kashipur
Account Type: Saving Account
Account No. : 4534000100028306
Branch - ADB Kashipur

For all those who are registering for conference please note that once the payment is made by you, kindly send us the payment detail on the id- intconfmark2015@iimkashipur.ac.in so that we can be ensured about the payment made by you.

  • Cancellation

In case of cancellation of paid registration requested up to March 21, 2015 (done through e mail), a refund of the registration fee net of 20% processing charges shall be made. No refunds can be made for cancellation e mail requests made after March 21, 2015. Refunds, if applicable in a case, will be processed after the conclusion of the conference.

Conference Patron

Prof Gautam Sinha - Director, Indian Institute of Management ( IIM ) Kashipur

Conference Advisory Committee

Prof Somnath Ghosh, Dean – Academics, IIM Kashipur Prof Kampan Mukherjee – Prof, IIM Kashipur Prof C. Michael Hall – Professor – Marketing, University of Canterbury, New Zealand Prof Patrick Hartmann – Professor, Universidad del País Vasco – EHU , Bilbao, Spain Prof Ramanuj Majumdar – Professor - Marketing , IIM Calcutta Prof Ashok Pratap Arora – Professor – Marketing, MDI Gurgaon Prof Vinod Kalia – Professor - Marketing , MDI Gurgaon Prof Ranjan Ghosh – Mentor Faculty, IIM Kashipur and ex Full Time Professor , IIM Calcutta Prof V. Ranganathan - Mentor Faculty, IIM Kashipur and ex Full Time Professor , IIM Bangalore Mr. A.V Suresh - CEO, Eureka Forbes Ltd. Prof V. N. Bhatta charya – Consultant and Senior ex Corporate Practitioner ( Unil ever, BPL Telecom etc.) and Visiting Faculty – IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore Mr. Rahul Goswami - Consultant and Senior ex Corporate Practitioner (Ranbaxy) Mr. Deepak Oberoi – CEO, RC&M Experiential Marketing Ltd. Mr. Anwar H. Shaik – Director to Minister for Railways, Government of India Mr. Puskal Upadhyay – Additional Mission Director, National Mission for Clean Ganga, Gove rnment of India, Prof. Gilliam Wright, Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom, Prof. Anamitra Chatterjee:-Executive & Career Coach, Leadership Facilitator, Prof. Paromita Goswami, Associate Professor, School of Management and Entrepreneurship, Prof. Ramendra Singh, Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

Conference Chair

Prof Somnath Chakrabarti - Area Chair (Marketing) and Chair – Doctoral Programme ., IIM Kashipur

About the Conference Chair

Dr. Somnath Chakrabarti has teaching and research interests in consumer behaviour, marketing of services, international marketing and integrated marketing communications. He has done Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) from REC (now NIT), Durgapur, India; MBA from College of Business, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, USA (through superior scores in GMAT and TOEFL) and Ph.D. from Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi, India. He has maintained high first class academic background throughout. He has participated in GloColl Programme of Harvard Business School, Boston, USA in 2014 with certificate of participation. He is currently Area Chair – Marketing and Chairperson – Doctoral Programme at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kashipur.

Dr. Chakrabarti’s research in the past has focussed on understanding the drivers of advertising spend trends among global marketers. His research in consumer behaviour has also focused on understanding the purchase motivations, attitudes towards different product categories and the role of consumer innovativeness, personal influence related constructs and consumer evaluation attributes in the purchase process. Another area of his research involves psychometric examination of the applicability of different international scales used in consumer behaviour research in Indian context. In recent times, he has been working on understanding consumer behaviour, integrated marketing communication and branding (destination branding) issues pertaining to tourism sector as research interest.

He has published in leading academic journals like Decision (IIM Calcutta); IIMB Management Review (IIM Bangalore); Metamorphosis (IIM Lucknow); International Journal of Advertising, UK (published by World Advertising Research Centre – WARC); International Journal of Consumer Studies, UK (published by Wiley and impact factor of 0.718 ) and British Food Journal, UK ( published by Emerald and impact factor of 0. 649 ) among many other journals. He has published in conference proceedings of IIT Roorkee and has received certificate for presenting paper at the conference of IIM Indore. His professional work experience in India in Corporates has been since 1992 (with Wipro and with leading MNC Ad Agencies on prestigious fmcg accounts ) and he has been in academics since 2002. He has gathered international work experience while doing a stint on sales response modelling research in McCann Erickson, Sydney, Australia .

Conference Co Chair

Prof Madhurima Deb - Assistant Professor - Marketing, Chairperson Admissions (PGP) and Co-Chair of Student Affairs, IIM Kashipur.

About the Conference Co Chair

Dr. Deb started her career as Assistant Manager in a Consulting company. As Assistant Manager she worked on numerous projects with clients like ITC, TATA, UBS, Limitless etc. She obtained her PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. Her thesis was on ‘CRM Practices in Indian Retail Sector’. She has over 4 years of research and 6 years of teaching experience. She has published papers in various Journals & Conferences of International & National repute. She is currently working in the area of Consumer Behaviour, Brand Management, Retail & Market Research techniques. She has won many ‘Best Paper Awards’ in International Conferences and for her work in International Journals. She has published papers in International Journals like Marketing Intelligence & Planning, International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, International Journal of Commerce & Research, Journal of Indian Business Research, Journal of Advances in Management Research etc. to name a few.

Conference Keynote Speakers:

Also, There would be conference workshop by Mr Mann and Mr Chatterjee (Associate faculty from Ashridge Business School) on Strategy, Innovation and Leadership.

Detailed profile of Mr. Chatterjee-

Anamitra Chatterjee

Executive Coach, Leadership Facilitator, Faculty Mobile : + 91 98302 81331+ 91 98302 81331 Email : chatterjee.anamitra@gmail.com Best Career Coach : World HRD & Coaching Congress 2013 Alumnus : IIM Calcutta, Ashridge & London School of Economics (LSE), UK

Conference Related Queries


Any administrative query pertaining to this conference may be sent to Ms. Priyanka Agarwal at intconfmark2015@iimkashipur.ac.in , M: 99279 53723

Any conceptual query pertaining to this conference may be sent to Prof Somnath Chakrabarti, Conference Chair at somnath.chakrabarti@iimkashipur.ac.in ,M: 9761741135 and Prof Madhurima Deb Conference Co Chair at madhurima.deb@iimkashipur.ac.in