Management of COVID protocols at IIM Kashipur

IIM Kashipur has always been highly vigilant enforcing COVID protocols. Strict orders, policy directives, and procedures exist and being followed meticulously for induction of the students back into the campus. As a part of the procedure, all the students who come to the campus from their home station are quarantined and are tested for COVID before they come out of the quarantine. In addition, the institute periodically carries out RTPCR tests randomly. These three students who were confirmed positive were also under quarantine and the tests were carried out as a part of the induction procedure. Now, these three students are isolated and getting treated. As a preventive measure, the institute has undertaken an immediate RTPCR test of the suspected close friends of these three positive students. Their results are negative. Additionally, the institute has conducted RTPCR test for more than 600 personnel inside the campus today. The institute has equipped itself well with emergency medical support facilities for COVID management and it is on continuous monitoring and alert state always. It continuously sensitizes the personnel inside the campus to be vigilant through all possible methods and has a COVID Steering Committee for the Management of the virus which frequently meets and takes appropriate actions for ensuring that the virus protection measures are taken and activities implemented. The institute is meticulous in implementing the advisories from the central and state governments and ensures wearing of masks, social distancing, hand sanitization through touch-free automatic sanitizers /soap dispensers installed at different places. The institute keeps the health of students at highest priority over the other issues.