Press Note -Jan 02, 2022

When students join back the campus they are quarantined and RTPCR tested after the quarantine period. This is a part of the induction process. Recently, during such an RTPCR test on quarantined students, three students have been found to be COVID positive and they have been isolated and being treated. The Institute medical team is taking personal care of these students and monitoring their progress closely. On the same day, the movement of students outside the campus was restricted. As a precautionary measure, the institute immediately conducted an RTPCR test of all students and other personnel (a total of 674 personnel) and the results of all these people were negative. Apart from the above, the institute has conducted 211 RTPCR tests on random samples during the past 10 days. Therefore, the institute is always alert. It has a robust system with tested procedures of screening the students and a well-managed and organized quick reaction team to handle the eventualities related to COVID positive cases. The Steering Committee for COVID Management meets often, evaluates the situation, and takes proactive measures to ensure that the campus is COVID-free and well managed.