Anwar, I., Saleem, I., Islam, K.M.B., Thoudam, P., & Khan, R. (2020). Entrepreneurial intention among female university students: examining the moderating role of entrepreneurial education. Journal for International Business and Entrepreneurship Development12(4), 217-234.


The present paper endeavours to understand the phenomenon of entrepreneurial intention (EI) among female university students of India through the application of the theory of planned behaviour (TPB) adding an additional variable named entrepreneurial education (EE). Furthermore, the paper also attempt to examine the moderating role of entrepreneurship education on the relationships between ATE, PBC, and EI. Data sample of 387 female students was collected, using convenience sampling technique, from three different universities of India using a structured questionnaire developed by Linen and Chen in 2009. After data screening process, CFA and SEM techniques were used for analysing the data. Results of hypotheses testing revealed that basic antecedents of TPB have been found significantly impacting EI of female students while additional variable EE was also found to be positively affecting EI with a low coefficient. The results of this study will help in understanding the phenomenon of entrepreneurial intention among female university students.