Deb, M., & Lomo-David, E. (2020). On the hedonic versus utilitarian message appeal in building buying intention in the luxury hotel industry. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management45, 615-621.


The effect of hedonic and utilitarian message appeals in luxury hotel brands using brand luxuriousness index, conspicuous consumption, brand prominence, brand love and patronage intention as variables was tested. It was found that hedonic message appeals enhance luxury hotel brand consumers' perceptions of hotels’ luxuriousness index. Such perceptions have positive impact on brand love and patronage intention among customers who do not expect brand prominence and have lesser interest in conspicuous consumption. This study is the first to distinguish between hedonic and symbolic messages and focus on the differential effect of hedonic versus utilitarian message appeals and its impact on brand love, patronage intention for consumers who prefer low brand prominence and are low on conspicuous consumption orientation. Lack of such distinction among messages that provide symbolic or hedonic cues will fail to provide useful insight on segments of luxury consumers who are directed by self-related versus other-related consumption goals.