Deb, M., Sharma, V. K., & Amawate, V. (2020). CRM, Skepticism and Patronage Intention—the mediating and moderating role of satisfaction and religiosity. Journal of Strategic Marketing,


This primary objective of the present work is to understand the relationship between Skepticism and Patronage Intention, and to check the mediating and moderating impact of Satisfaction and Religiosity on the same, with focus on Cause-Related Marketing (CRM). In the present study, SPSS 21 and AMOS were used to analyse the quantitative data and test moderation and mediation effect. The findings of the study confirm the mediation and moderation effect of Satisfaction and Religiosity on Skepticism→Patronage Intention. The findings of the study would help academicians and marketers. Academicians will be enriched by the knowledge of the antecedents and moderated and mediated variables and their differential impacts on Skepticism, drawing from the Attribution Theory. The Company and Policy Maker will be benefitted by the knowledge of factors that can lower Skepticism and enhance Satisfaction hence they are recommended to consider them before devising a suitable CRM activity. To the best of our knowledge, no such studies were being made in the Indian context and the study makes original contribution to the existing literature.