Kumar, R., Kumar, R., Sachan, A., & Gupta, P. (2020). An examination of the e-government service value chain. Information Technology & People, https://doi.org/10.1108/ITP-09-2018-0438.


Purpose – E-government quality (e-GovQual) and e-government user value (e-GUV) are multidimensional concepts. While previous studies have identified apparent factors influencing e-government satisfaction (e-GovSat) and e-government adoption intention (e-GovAI), such as e-GovQual and e-GUV, but they have neglected to explain the influence of the dimensions of these two concepts. The purpose of this research is to study e-government service value chain (e-GSVC) one-GovQual dimensions, e-GUV dimensions, e-GovSat and e-GovAI. Design/methodology/approach – The study employs a quantitative method to test the hypotheses and validate the proposed model. Data are collected from 378 e-government users across different parts of India comprising of different demographic characteristics. The model is analyzed using structural equation modeling. Findings – The findings highlight the impact of the dimensions of e-GovQual (efficiency, trust, reliability and citizen support) on the dimensions of e-GUV (functional, economic, social and emotional value) as e-GUV dimensions affect e-GovSat, which in turn influences e-GovAI. The results validate the e-GSVC and also stress the partial mediating role of the dimensions of e-GUV on the relationship between the dimensions of e-GovQual and e-GovSat. Research limitations/implications – The sample size of 378 may not be a proper representation of a country like India, which has huge diversity within its vast population. Practical implications – The study offers practitioners a clear picture and a useful guide to better understand the drivers of value, satisfaction and adoption in the case of e-government users. Originality/value – This study is probably the first attempt toward demonstrating the process influencing e-GovSat via e-GUV dimensions originating from excellent e-GovQual dimensions to ultimately trigger e-GovAI.

URL: https://doi.org/10.1108/ITP-09-2018-0438