Sachdeva, L., Maheshwari, M., & Joseph, J. (2020). " Women-as-Employees" & the Reproduction of Regimes of Exclusion. Indian Journal of Industrial Relations55(4).


The objective of the study is to capture the lived experiences of women-as-employees in their own words, to interpret the subject’s words for a deep insight into the latent world of the subject’s lived gender experiences on the sociooccupational segregation front. This is not, therefore, a study of the organization as an objective entity which may have its own narrative of gender initiatives but of the subjective experiences of ‘women-as - employees’ on the gender front. Data was collected through interviews of 44 women respondents. Fusing together the insights from this exploratory attempt from a gender- based socio-occupational segregation study, the subjectively experienced reality by ‘women-asemployees’ can be characterized as latent, pervasive “regimes of exclusion”.