Narang, A. S., Gumparthi, V. P., & Chakrabarti, S. (2020). Indraprastha Gas Limited: Formulating and Implementing a Go-to-Market Strategy. South Asian Journal of Management27(1), 168-189.


This case study is about a scale-up challenge faced by a widely-held company, Indraprastha Gas Ltd (IGL). IGL is a City Gas Distribution (CGD) company headquartered in New Delhi, India. The company provided clean fuels, CNG and PNG to the public at large. One fine day, the Managing Director (MD) of IGL, was asked by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas to onboard at least 300,000 domestic PNG connections by the end of the financial year (FY - 17). Other CGDs in the country were given similar targets. The MD of IGL was rightfully concerned about this arduous task, as the company since its inception could onboard 742,205 PNG connections. Though it was a huge task, IGL made multipronged efforts and over a period of one year could add a sizeable number, the most that any CGD could do in the country. The company was appreciated by the Ministry for working in line with its vision and was also lauded for being a guiding light for other CGD companies of the country.