Omanwar, S., & Chatterjee, D. (2020). Fortis: Restructuring Service Excellence Training in Indian Healthcare Industry. Global Business Review,


Sam Jones joined as the learning and development manager at Fortis Healthcare Limited in August, 2014. He finds himself in a bind when he observes that the people systems were lagging and unable to cope with the rapid organizational growth; affecting the delivery of service. Substantial setback was the ambiguity of training modules creating a hurdle for service excellence. Processes were vague and complex with duplication in training modules. Forty-two training modules were there across all units but being used with different names in different units, some of which had overlapping content under different module names leading to underutilization of time, money and human resources and lacking optimization. This particular case addresses the need of managing organizational change to restructure service excellence training. The case exposes the readers to the dilemma about how to implement the change process, how to convince the employees about the change that is required and in which direction to start with?