Qamar, Y., & Samad, T. A. (2021). Human resource analytics: A review and bibliometric analysis. Personnel Review.


This paper aims to identify the current research trends and set the future research agenda in the area of human resource (HR) analytics by an extensive review of the existing literature. The paper aims to capture state of the art and develop an exhaustive understanding of the theoretical foundations, concepts and recent developments in the area.

A portfolio of 125 articles collected from the Scopus database was systematically analyzed using a two-tier method. First, the evolution, current state of the literature and research clusters are identified using bibliometric techniques. Finally, using content analysis, the research clusters are studied to develop the future research agenda.

Based on the bibliometric analysis, network analysis and content analysis techniques, this study provides a comprehensive review of the existing literature. The study also highlights future research themes by identifying knowledge gaps based on content analysis of research clusters.

Research limitations/implications
The evolution and the current state of the HR analytics literature are presented. Some specific research questions are also provided to help future research.

This study enriches the literature of HR analytics by integrating bibliometric analysis and content analysis to develop a more systematic and exhaustive understanding of the research area. The findings of this study may assist fellow researchers in furthering their research in the identified research clusters.