Sanguri, K., Bhuyan, A., & Patra, S. (2020). A semantic similarity adjusted document co-citation analysis: a case of tourism supply chain. Scientometrics125, 233-269.


Document co-citation analysis (DCA) is employed across various academic disciplines and contexts to characterise the structure of knowledge. Since the introduction of the method for DCA by Small (J Am Soc Inf Sci 24(4):265–269, 1973) a variety of modifications towards optimising its results have been proposed by several researchers. We recommend a new approach to improve the results of DCA by integrating the concept of the document similarity measure into it. Our proposed method modifies DCA by incorporating the semantic similarity using latent semantic analysis for the abstracts of the top-cited documents. The interaction of these two measures results in a new measure that we call as the semantic similarity adjusted co-citation index. The effectiveness of the proposed method is evaluated through an empirical study of the tourism supply chain (TSC), where we employ the techniques of the network and cluster analyses. The study also comprehensively explores the resulting knowledge structures from both the methods. The results of our case study suggest that the clustering quality and knowledge map of the domain can be improved by considering the document similarity along with their co-citation strength.