Vadivel, S. M., Sequeira, A. H., Jauhar, S. K., Amirthagadeswarn, K. S., & Krishna, T. A. (2020). CNC Machine Shop Floor Facility Layout Design Using Genetic Algorithm. In Soft Computing: Theories and Applications, 223-234,


The facility layout is a well-planned process to assimilate equipment, human resources, and materials for processing a product most effectively. The facility layout problem (FLP) is an optimization problem that involves determining the shape and location of various departments within a facility, based on the inter-department distance and volume measures. CRAFT algorithm is one of the primary methods currently used for the optimization of facility layouts. The aim of this is analyzing and assessing various proposed layouts through this algorithm. The objective is to minimize the total layout cost. It depends on the material flow and distance between the departments. An attempt has also been made to optimize the layout through GA.