International Relations Committee

About International Relations Committee

The International Relations Committee is primarily involved in forging and maintaining international partnerships with esteemed universities across the globe. The prime objective of this committee is to ensure a seamless interchange of academics and culture through mutual assistance in areas of education and research, surpassing various cultural and geographical frontiers. This is achieved through co-operation in multiple areas including programs offered at partner institutions, through the following activities:

Trimester and Short-term exchange of students,
Exchange of Faculty and,
Development of joint research activities

We currently have tie ups with the following universities:

  1. Alba Graduate Business School
  2. ESDES School of Business and Management
  3. Coller School of Management
  4. Turiba University
  5. Universidad de Lima
  6. Solbridge International School of Business
  7. Linnaeus University
  8. Soochow University
  9. University of Salford
  10. International Centre for Promotion of Enterprises (ICPE), Slovenia
  11. CTBC Business School
  12. Autonomous University of Madrid
  13. Brunel University
  14. Syracuse University

Chairperson: Prof Shobha Tewari

Aditya Kodte

Chanchal Yadav

Jayasree M

Mishika Goel

Siddhant Gupta

Sudipto Mukherjee

Sutrave Kumar Datta

Vivek K M


Model United Nations (MUN)

International Relations Committee organized its first-ever flagship event Model United Nations (MUN). The event was organized on the 9th and 10th of November 2019, with delegates from different parts of the country participating. School students from in and around the Kashipur area also participated in the event. The first edition of MUN had United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) as its core committee, with the agenda being ‘Finding Innovative Solutions to the Climate Change Crisis’.

Mr. Pranav Saxena, with an experience of presiding/participating in over 25 MUNs, presided over as the Chairperson of the event. The event saw enthusiastic delegates putting forth various ideas and solutions to the climate crisis. Each delegate was extremely well-researched and put forward critical points that led to a healthy discussion and the advent of creative solutions.