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Life @ IIM Kashipur

Life @ IIM Kashipur


It isn’t a hidden fact that life at an IIM is pretty hectic, but this very acceptance of the fact has molded students in a way that they are ready to follow the toughest of the schedules. You can see the students rushing to their classes in the morning and on the other hand, even if you step out of the room at 2 am you will find students having discussions on varied topics, be it the assignments or general life.

IIM Kashipur lays a great emphasis on holistic development of students. The Institute provides a range of opportunities, It is in one of the most densely industrialized regions in the country with over 180 industries having plants in and around the region. This places the institute at a vantage point when it comes to ‘Learning by Doing’ via frequent industry interactions and live projects. IIM Kashipur believes in a strong industry connect and has invested in developing relationships with local industries. There are numerous opportunities outside the classroom as well - cultural activities, sports competitions or entrepreneurial pursuits.

A completely student driven campus, from placements to functional work, from academic to non-academic activities there’s a student body for it. The students are busy with a lot of activities throughout the year, be it organizing the flagship events such as Annual Fest – Agnitraya, management conclave, TEDx etc. Being a part of such student bodies and event specific teams, students get a first-hand experience of time management, working in a team, situation handling and managing positive relationships with administration. Apart from the mess that serves four meals a day and along with the multiple eateries, the institute even has a canteen solely run by students specially to fuel the late-night project submissions.

Kashipur is situated in the laps of Uttarakhand, a serene, peaceful paradise and at certain times of weather you can spot the Himalayas right from the window or balcony of your hostel room. Such an environment inspires the body, mind and soul to concentrate on your academics as well as non-work life. ‘IIM in the North’ as it is popularly known, the institute holds this image true at the time of winters but the radiant cooling acts as a life saver and if that’s not enough, the students find out time from their schedules to organize bonfire nights and enjoy fun activities.

“In two years you either leave this place as a better and more capable manager, or you leave as a better and capable manager! There is no alternative.”