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Wellness Facilities

Wellness Facilities

About Wellness Coordinators

At IIM Kashipur we have Wellness Coordinators, responsible for the physical & mental health to ensure the well-being of the students. Our function is to act as a facilitator between medical facilities available on and off the campus and the students.

Inside the campus, we have a doctor visiting 6 days a week. We have a pharmacist and a paramedic available 24X7. For the mental well-being of the students, we have a tie-up with online counselor  YourDost, to discuss issues such as how to relieve stress, how to manage time, etc.  In case of emergency, we have a night ambulance on campus and we also have a tie-up with a few hospitals, which are at our service 24X7.

All the students at IIM Kashipur are medically insured. Hence any treatment at the hospital is borne by the insurer.

Facilities Description
  • Ambulance: There is on campus ambulance available during night time 7 pm- 7 am. We also have on-call ambulance during daytime
  • Pharmacy: We have a pharmacy which operates on a daily basis in evening hours
  • Medical assistants: We have medical assistants present 24*7 on campus to attend to any medical emergency, act as a first response team
  • Doctor: We have a highly experienced doctor who is available 4:30 PM-5:30 PM daily and on-call in case of any emergency
  • Dressing: Our medical assistants are highly experienced and are capable in case of all type of first aid and dressing related issues
Wellness Coordinators
Wellness Facilities