Udaya P Singh

MBA-WX 2018-20 (Associate Consultant, TCS)

In my quest of finding a quality institute  which will add to my industry experience and enhance my profile to surpass the competitive requirements of today's dynamic business world, I found IIM Kashipur meeting my aspirations .I was planning to do executive MBA for quite some time and was excited and exhilarated when I got my admission letter for IIM Kashipur executive program.

I observed it was just the beginning of the upward trend of my learning curve. IIM Kashipur introduced me to concept of various aspects of management in detail, the experienced professors here take you through the entire evolution of management topics right up to the implementation strategies on ground. The case studies-based approach takes a deep diving outlook towards understanding the problem and connecting the dots to reach towards the best possible solution.

The energy and enthusiasm of faculties here takes the learning experience to altogether different zone and can be attributed to the freshness of this relatively new IIM.

I am currently pursuing studies in interpreting business results through Analytics and the facilities and support that I am getting is that of highest standards confirming to the vision and mission of IIM Kashipur.

Shubham Dantare

PGP 2018-20 (PPO Holder, Bajaj Finserv)

"A jaunt frilled with emotions" summarises my stay at this place IIM Kashipur - full of healthy competitions, a touchstone of knowledge, plethora of learning and profound emotions

These two years have metamorphosed into a smart negotiator, disciplined individual, ethical and sound business professional.

This institute fostered a strong attitude and helped me inculcate an approach which creates a strong vertical differentiation.

The curriculum, position of responsibility, corporate competition, group projects, sports, clubs, presentation and (fun with friends), constant race against time and comfort prepared me for the real fight.

The state-of-the-art amenities created a conducive environment which bolstered my learning experience. This institute is simply a haven for those who keep demanding more from life.

Aayush Mittal

PGP 2018-20 (Associate General manager, Vyas Edification)

From being an introvert walking into the campus with the fear of competition and corporate world, to becoming an extrovert walking out of the campus with good corporate skills and full confidence of competing anywhere, that's how IIM Kashipur changed my life. 'It's not just the system but also the people into it which contribute to your success and growth' - probably one of the biggest lessons of my life I learnt at IIM Kashipur.

I am thankful to not just the curriculum which helped me become ready and relevant for the corporate world (even grab a PPO) but also to my teachers and friends who were always a part of this beautiful journey with me and helped me survive, succeed and shine.

Shubham Saini

MBA-WX 2017-19 (Senior Consultant -Business consulting at EY)

There are very few moments in one’s life when one feels to be genuinely fortunate. One such moment in my life was when I joined IIM Kashipur to pursue my MBA. I witness myself that though the time runs really fast but no one finishes last as learning never slows down. The atmosphere is so energetic that you never run out of energy. Thank you, IIM Kashipur, for everything.

Manvendra Panwar

MBA-WX 2017-19 (Technical Manager, Globallogic)

The MBA(WX) is all about the joy of being back in school, interacting with peers who are from diverse backgrounds, meeting with industry experts and academics, above all, electrifying ambiances of business discussions in the classroom make the course comprehensive in all dimensions. IIM Kashipur provides the perfect launch pad for managers to move to a higher trajectory in the corporate or entrepreneurial world. Two fabulous years of such learning is what makes it a great journey.

Pramodh Naresh Kumar

PGP 2017-19 (Product Manager, Addverb)

My time at IIM Kashipur is bound to be one of the most memorable times in my life. I could notice myself transforming into a better me. The curriculum, projects, live projects lead to a experience quite close to the real world. The passion and zeal I saw in my peers was quite formidable and I am sure the great culture laid down by the initial batches will reap rich rewards for the entire IIM Kashipur family.

Pradeep Chopra

EPGP 2016-18 (Asst Vice President, IndiaMART InterMESH Limited)

Executive MBA is a very well-crafted programme, which not only hones your skills but completely challenges your conventional wisdom. Continuous evaluation and challenging assignments help develop in-depth knowledge of the specific field pertaining to any subject. It gives you an analytical mindset, which inculcates the ability to make creative & rational business decisions.

Thank you, IIM Kashipur, for the enrichment, the empowerment & the enlightenment.

Ashutosh Hirulkar

PGP 2016-18 (Associate Manager – Financial & Commerce,GMR Group)

Before I came to IIM Kashipur, I had certain expectations on what I wanted to gain from the program. With the benefit of hindsight, I can say without a doubt that the actual experience was much more profound and enriching than what I could have ever imagined. Apart from the academic rigor that prepares one to deal with professional challenges, I think it’s the people I met here that made the whole two-year journey all the more memorable.

Avinash Jai Singh

PGP2016 -18 (Derivatives Analyst, JP Morgan Chase)

As an undergraduate and no experience, you constantly hear how getting your MBA can help you advance faster and get better jobs, in my experience this has been true. Earning my MBA from IIM Kashipur has provided with numerous benefits and opportunities.

The two years of IIM Kashipur that I spent in the most stimulating and picturesque environs, has not only helped me gain the necessary knowledge and skills but also ushered a unique vigour to set out and embrace transformation.

It was a journey that took a total approach to self-development. It has transformed me into a culturally sensitive tolerant, ethically and socially responsible manager.

 Learning at IIM Kashipur was fascinating as most of the course work is based on case studies, group discussions and peer learning sessions. The curriculum, B-school competitions, pool-side parties prepared me well for what was about to come and how to handle it -the so-called Corporate Life.

“Cliché : The MBA changed my Life”

Akansha Garg

PGP 2016-18 (Human Resources Manager, Pine Labs)

IIM Kashipur has provided me two best years of my life, both in terms of opportunities, exposure as well as self-development. The curriculum which included practical lessons with business case-studies, presentations and simulations, help us to develop a holistic learning and makes us ready for the business world.

At the same time; the extra-curricular activities, live-projects, competitions sports tournaments, re-creational activities through various clubs and committees do strike a balance with the all-round exposure at IIM Kashipur.

With well-designed infrastructure, pleasant location and incredible facilities, we didn't even realise how the two years passed at IIM Kashipur.