About Parivartan

Parivartan Cell is the social responsibility cell of IIM Kashipur working to improve health, environment, and education in our society by making the best use of our managerial skills and expertise. We always believe in conducting events and competitions that raise awareness on multiple occasions among the students as well as the bigger society and inculcate the feeling of Sharing is Giving. We are committed to forging ties with NGOs, voluntary non-profit organizations, government institutions, and corporates.


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Under KITES initiative, there are three schools in the nearby area of IIM Kashipur that we (Parivartan Cell) are planning to help and assist them by taking the following steps:

  • Stationary Distribution: To support the betterment and development of students in schools nearby IIM Kashipur, under the KITES initiative, we donate stationery items to them including notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.
  • Voluntary teaching: Multiple teaching sessions were conducted by the students of IIM Kashipur for the students of nearby schools.

Donation Drives

Blood Donation Drive

We conducted a blood donation drive in association with HDFC bank and Kashi Blood Bank. Around 70+ participants contributed to this noble cause.    

Food Donation Drive

The initiative was taken to support needy ones by providing them with food. 215 students voluntarily skipped their dinner. We collaborated with Khawahish NGO and donated the ration saved to the needy ones near the railway crossing area, and sugar factory road in Kashipur.   

Clothes and Blanket Donation

To donate blankets and woolen socks to the homeless and needy, we organized a donation collection drive where plenty of stakeholders of IIM Kashipur donated as they wished. We distributed blankets and socks to 72 needy families at different locations in Kashipur.

Inter/Intra College Events


The fourth edition of our flagship event, Prayaas was conducted during the annual fest Agnitraya 8.0. The event was a three-round intercollege social case study competition open to students from institutes across India. The competition intrigued the participants to explore the realms of environment, health, and education and apply their critical thinking abilities to find innovative solutions for a real-world problem to emerge as the ultimate winner.

Unfiltered Conversation

Unfiltered Conversations is organized by Global Shapers Gaya Hub (the World Economic Forum's youth wing) To overcome the judgment bias and engage in a healthy conversation with someone you've never met and have no idea who they are or what they look like, we conducted an event where people expressed themselves without fear of being criticized. The event was an intercollege one involving 4 other IIMs.

Article Writing Competition

Organized an Article Writing Competition on the occasion of Mental Health Day for IIM Kashipur students. The topic for the article was “ Do inequality impact mental Health” for which we received plenty of entries. Our esteemed faculty, Prof. Rakesh Agarwal, evaluated the top 5 entries. Based on his judgment best two entries were rewarded with cash prizes.

Pitch Karo

We organized a Pitch Karo event where students were encouraged to pitch their ideas regarding social responsibility from a corporate perspective. A panel of faculty judged the ideas, and the best ideas were rewarded.

Awareness Drives

Breast Cancer Awareness Webinar

We conducted a webinar in collaboration with the MAINA Foundation on the occasion of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Over 150 participants attended the session and learned how to find and tackle the disease.    

Run for Cancer Awareness

IIM Kashipur students participated in a marathon for cancer awareness. This event helped raise awareness among people via social media posts and student participation. The event attracted participation from 35+ students.