Team Corpus

Team Corpus

Team Corpus is tasked with the responsibility of creating opportunities to impart the necessary skills to tackle Corporate and B-school Case competitions. Performances in such competitions are associated with IIM Kashipur’s visibility and thus is ensuring that students are equipped with the right competencies is vital. The Team provides assistance and guidance to the students to refine their approaches while they undertake these challenges. 


Mock Presentations

Team Corpus conducts mock presentations wherein students can rehearse their presentations and observations for improvements are suggested by the team in order for students to fine-tune and polish their submission.


Collaborations with organisations to conduct workshops in training students to creatively think and design their approaches. Design thinking is essential to formulate innovative solutions to cases.

Alumni Sessions

Hosting sessions wherein Alumni who were winners of corporate case competitions impart their knowledge and their methodology of solving cases.

Knowledge Repository

Team Corpus maintains a repository of ideas, frameworks and strategies for students to draw inspiration from and apply these learnings in competitions. 

Domain Warfare

A business quiz covering topics across management domains to replicate the experience that competitions may present. 


Mayank Verma

Radhhika Jain

Rohit J Raphael

Sailada Rohit Kumar

Sarang Gadewar


Siddhant Singh