Information Technology & Systems

About the Area

It has been more than fifty years since the birth of the Internet. In this interconnected world with innovative technologies, the proliferation of IT & Systems in organizations has changed the way business is conducted. The role of IT in current times is not only for operational and support activities but also strategic. Role of IT in productivity improvements continues at the forefront of progress and change. IT is also seen as the driving force behind innovation by combining organizational resources and the creators of the innovation. IT & Systems area at IIM Kashipur responds to such ever-changing needs of this dynamic business environment powered by digital technologies.

If you are interested in this world of digital technologies and analytics, to know about IT use in businesses, value from IT investment by organizations, understanding the interplay of IT strategy & corporate strategy of an organization, understanding the role of IT in business processes and managing IT projects then electives from IT & Systems area would be a good choice for you.

IT & Systems area offers courses which are a mix of traditional and contemporary IT. Across programs, the students prepare themselves in Management Information Systems and Spreadsheet Modelling for Business, in the first year. This lays the foundation for electives in the second year. Electives cover various sub-streams of Information Technology & Systems. Analytics stream within IT offers electives on Machine Learning, Advanced Machine Learning, Social Media Analytics, and Data Visualization. Enterprise IT stream offers electives on ERP, IT Product Management, and IT Product Management.

The positions taken by IT students usually range from business analysts to consultants as well as positions in all functional areas.

IT & Systems area also offers Management Development Programs in topics related to Business Analytics, Big Data Analytics, and Machine Learning.

From a Research perspective, IT & Systems Faculty work in Business Value of IT, Electronic Negotiation Systems, Augmented Reality systems, Social Networks, and Online Communities.

Courses Offered


Management Information Systems
Spreadsheet Modelling


Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning
Digital Business & Frontier Technologies
Data Science & Machine Learning
Data Visualization
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
IoT for Business
Information Technology Project Management
Information Technology Product Management
Social Media & Web Analytics

List of Faculty Members

Prof Harish Kumar
Prof Mayank Sharma
Prof Rajiv Kumar
Prof Shaukat Ali Shahee
Prof Venkataraghavan K