Ganguly, K. K. (2022). Understanding the challenges of the adoption of blockchain technology in the logistics sector: The TOE framework. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 1-15.


The purpose of this study is to present a framework for characterising challenges to the adoption of blockchain technology (BCT) in the logistics sector. The TOE (Technical, Organisational, and Environmental) framework was developed based on a literature survey building upon existing work and a new empirical study consisting of fifteen interviews in five logistics companies. The study uses TOE as a theoretical framework and classifies the identified elements from literature and interviews into categories and subcategories to construct a decision framework. The paper identifies the elements for BCT adoption in Logistics Supply Chain (LSC). The framework can assess the challenges of BCT adoption and subsequently adapt the implementation phase to manage the process better. Practitioners may derive valuable insights about the elements that enable BCT adoption in LSCs and formulate the strategy for using BCT for creating a data driven real-time LSC.