Gupta, R., & Chakrabarti, S. (2021). Kolkata Port Trust: Sailing the Ship Around. South Asian Journal of Management, 28(4), 169-194.


Given the importance of global value chains in the world economy today, there is an increasing focus on the efficient management of ports and logistics systems. Kolkata Port Trust (KoPT), the oldest and only riverine port of India, plays a significant role in the economy of the country, in which 90% volume of the trade is maritime. However, managing high dredging costs and vastly spread infrastructure to improve the ship turnaround time were the complex tasks cut out for the organization. Illustrating the turnaround of KoPT in the year 2019, this case brings forth the insights into the working of a cluster organization of a major port system. Infrastructure financing, strategic value capture, synergizing divisions, change management, and leveraging cultural heritage are some of the learning objectives available for the faculty administering this case to the students.