Jois, A., & Chakrabarti, S. (2021). Developing Global Brand Building Model in Management Education. International Journal of Business and Economics, 6(2), 150-178.


Higher education has changed irrevocably with the advent of globalization, internet technologies and modern methods of learning. Educators' thought process is undergoing a sea of change along with transition towards education brand building. Most of the branding frameworks focus on logo design, style and look & feel rather than covering deeper aspects of building a global brand. This study aims to cover broader aspects of global education brand building from the student perspective and identify key issues emerging economy management institutes face while building a global brand. Mixed method approach was adopted to delve deep into issues in building global management education brands from emerging economies. Open-ended unstructured interviews with 18 education experts resulted in the identification of key attributes and antecedents, also validated with a structured literature review. The extensive literature search resulted in more than one thousand academic research papers, while the structured approach selected 107 peer-reviewed academic articles. This study used quantitative methods with random sampling as the main methodology and utilized structured equation modeling to develop the model. This study's key research findings are that prospective students look at immigration to western countries, global opportunities, and globally recognizable education brands as top reasons while selecting education institutes for their higher education needs. This study's generalizability is fairly limited; however, the model can be extrapolated to other fields to test its validity. This paper brings out a branding framework and global brand-building model for higher education management brands.