Murugesan, V. S., Jauhar, S. K., & Sequeira, A. H. (2021). Applying simulation in lean service to enhance the operational system in Indian postal service industry. Annals of Operations Research, 1-25.


This paper aims to present an innovative approach to design a Lean Service System in the India Post service industry using the Simulation method to reduce the system’s complexity. Using logic and systematic building blocks, simulation models have been developed from lean service elements using the arena software and verified in Siemens Tecnomatix plant simulation suite. Simulation is used to replicate the real model, guide the future production system, and determine the optimal parameter values. Simulation studies have been divided into two perspectives, “before LS” and “after LS” through Value Stream Mapping (VSM). It has been found that there is a 9.62 percent enhancement in delivering articles per person. A real case of postal service internal operational performance has been taken for the study. This study is the first to combine Value Stream Mapping - Simulation (VSM-Sim) to simulate and optimize the mailing service operations’ operational performance parameters.