Working Papers

Title Author ISBN No Vol No. Date & Year Download
Revisiting the fundamental law of highway congestion using quantile regression Abhradeep Maiti 02/10/2019
Effect of Corporal Punishment on Early Childhood Outcomes Abhradeep Maiti 02/10/2019
State in Livelihood Promotion : Case Study of Nainital District Milk Union. Manab Chakraborty,Somnath Ghosh 6787 IIM Kashipur Research Paper IIMKPV001-14 07/04/2017 Download (1006.93 KB) pdf
Green The Gap: Sociopreneur Walking The Tightrope of Running a Business. Gupta, N., & Bhatnagar, J IIM Kashipur Research Paper IIMKPV002-15 01/01/2015 Download (893.61 KB) pdf
Millennial Enterpreneurs and climate change management-A Cross country analysis of innovation Gupta, N., & Bhatnagar, J. IIM Kashipur Research Paper IIMKPV001-15 01/01/2015 Download (225.17 KB) pdf
Systematic Rice Intenstification in Bihar among Santhal Tribal: An Econometric study of panel data Manab Chakraborty Somnath Ghosh IIM kashipur Research Paper IIMKPV003-14 01/01/2014 Download (1011.94 KB) pdf
State-NGO Partnership for Livelihood Promotion: Case study of PRADAN Intervention in Livestock Sub Sector Manab Chakraborty Somnath Ghosh IIM Kashipur Research Paper IIMKPV002-14 01/01/2014 Download (910.19 KB) pdf