Ecology Club

About Ecology Club

The Ecology Club of IIM Kashipur is a dedicated student body working towards adoption of environment friendly practices and ideas for the development of sustainable campus. It is an initiative by a few like-minded individuals who felt it necessary to get together and do something for the place they live in. We identify areas in the functioning of campus where environment friendly alternatives can be adopted and put forward the proposals to the administration for their implementation. We promote a culture and lifestyle of environment conservation like minimum waste generation, energy conservation and wildlife preservation among the IIM fraternity through events, activities and campaigns. We share ideas of sustainable development and eco-friendly practices through newsletters and social media handles with a belief that minor changes adopted by a majority create considerable impact. Sustainable Development is our goal, and everyone is welcome to join us.

Chairperson: Prof. Devjani Chatterjee


Abhishek Vats

Anshul Yadav

Boppudi Suraj

Lakshmi Gogineni

Niharika Puchakayala

Ramkumar S

Sagar Dalal

Samreet Singh

Events and Activites

Treasure from Trash

As a part of the event ‘Trash to Treasure’ by Ecology Club, IIM Kashipur students were asked to make something useful out of the discarded waste. The students have shown lot of interest and displayed amazing creativity as they have come up with chairs from tyres, decorative items with bottles, tyres and many more. The purpose of the event is to build the habit of reusage and recycling instead of discarding.


Ecology club has successfully conducted a National level advertisement making competition ‘Adnovation’ as part of our college fest ‘Agnitraya’. Through the competition, contestants have pitched idea for reducing the environmental impact of various practices in industries and made advertisements to convey the solution to the problem they have chosen. This competition is meant to bring, promote and reward the concept of sustainability. 

Dog Vaccination

We have successfully completed the first phase of vaccination for the dogs in the campus. With the increasing number of stray dogs in the campus, this initiative is to ensure the well-being of these animals and safety of everyone at the campus. This will be a recurring activity and more initiatives will be taken moving forward for the community dogs of college.

Diwali De-cluttering:

Ecology Club successfully conducted the Diwali De-cluttering activity where students participated in numbers cleaning their homes & surroundings and making it environment friendly. The intention behind this event was to convey the importance of Co-Living with nature which was well received by the student fraternity. Students brought all their creativity and enthusiasm to this event.

Besides these activities we have conducted a few online events, posts and videos to create awareness on various environmental issues to educate people. Please find them in our official Instagram account