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Econs: Economics Club of IIM Kashipur is one of the seven academic clubs of IIM Kashipur. Econs bears the responsibility of increasing awareness, generating inquisitiveness, and fostering passion among the students and faculty in the field of economics. 

Economics club was founded in the year 2019 as an interest-based club to impart knowledge and invoke discussions and conversations about the field of economics and to highlight its importance and linkages to different areas of business. Late American scholar Warren Bennis said that "Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing". Keeping up with this notion, the club has found it extremely pertinent for aspiring managers to be aware of “Economics” affecting their daily lives and make them better prepared to tackle business situations more efficiently. Since its inception, Economics Club has gradually attained the status of a Core Academic Club and been involved in several and successful club based activities.

In the first year of its functioning, the club has conducted ‘Arthashastra’, the first-ever flagship event of Econs, during Agnitraya (2019), which saw participation by around 450 teams from various B-schools all over India. In this Competition, different teams had to design a feasible economic policy of their choice that resonated with the ultimate goal of achieving a 5 trillion-dollar economy for India. Along with that, Econs also conducted an ‘Infographics Making Competition’ covering topics like the future of banking, green economy, and effects of immigration on the Indian Economy. Econs also conducted the ‘Union Budget Prediction Competition’. In the competition, participants had to guess highlights of the Union Budget and the participant with the closest prediction took away the price.  

The club makes the students aware of the domain by posting short articles bi-weekly through its social media handles on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. So far for the academic year 2019-20, the posts have covered topics like RBI monetary policy highlights, US elections impact on the economy, and Atmanirbhar Bharat 3.0 to name a few. Along with the weekly posts, social media handles also feature monthly newsletters. This academic year's first newsletter was shared by the club for the month of October 2020. The comprehensive issue featured the fragile state of the NBFC sector in India along with articles on comparing the Chinese economy to the Indian economy and gave us a brief about the economic aspect of "Stubble Burning".

Intending to inculcate reading in the field of economics the issue also featured a review of a famous book " Of Counsel-The Challenges of the Modi-Jaitley Economy" written by our former Chief Economic Adviser, Government of India, Mr. Arvind Subramanian.

Along with these, the newsletter had lighter sections like "Jargons" and "Current Affairs.

Apart from this, the club provides a platform for all the people to discuss, debate, and design on the current economic developments and government or regulatory policies and announcements. Throughout the year members from the club also conduct knowledge sharing sessions through case studies, quizzes, and games to instill and fuel a growing interest among students to understand and analyze their theoretical concepts towards practical applications.

On the corporate front, the club extensively interacts with experts and industrial stalwarts in the field of business and economics to share insights regarding the latest happenings through a seminar or a lecture. Econs became the first academic club in IIM Kashipur to conduct a guest lecture in the Conscientia'20 leadership talk series. The eminent speaker of the guest lecture was Mr. Dhiraj Nayyar, who is a Chief Economist of Vedanta Group and a former member of NITI Ayog, who delivered an insightful session on the relevance of economics for the managers.

Considering its next initiatives, Economics Club is looking forward to conducting an eventful session soon that serves to illuminate students and test out their acumen. There will be two rounds and to get into the second-round participants will require to have knowledge about fundamental concepts of economics. 

Through its numerous strides in building and continuously highlighting different aspects in the field of economics, Economics Club has achieved a distinct recognition in keeping up with its mission and being a forerunner for the same. The aim is to increase awareness about Economics among students and our mission is to inculcate interest among the students of IIM Kashipur in economics and help them understand how economics is interlinked with various fields. We work to bring together all the economics and business enthusiasts inside and outside the campus together to discuss and debate the major economic events of the world to foster new ideas for the future.

Chairperson: Prof Atulan Guha


Aravind Nagappan

Ashrika Gupta


Kartikeya Agarwal


Niteesh Gollapudi

Saitej A


Arthashastra: Arthashastra is the flagship event of Econs conducted during Agnitraya. The first edition of Arthashastra, was a policy design competition where teams had to come up with policies to achieve the 5 trillion dollar economy goal for India. The teams had to design the policy for a state of their choice so as to contribute towards the goal. The event saw great participation from B-schools all over India with over 450 teams participating in the inaugural edition of the event.

Infographic making competition: The participants have to design an infographic poster on any one of the given topics. The topics for this edition of the event were:
      Future of Banking
      Green Economy
      Effect of Immigration on the Indian Economy

Union Budget Prediction competition: Participants have a limited time to guess the highlights of the upcoming union budget. The one who successfully predicts what happens on the big day, takes away the prize.

Knowledge Sharing & Discussion Session: Throughout the year, the club members conduct various interactive discussion sessions on different economic concepts, activities around the world and India. This is to keep a connect between the club and rest of the IIM Kashipur student community and thanks to them, we have been making great progress.