The Finance Club

About The Finance Club

The Finance Club of the Indian Institute of Management Kashipur is a student-driven initiative for fostering a culture for Finance within the realms of IIM Kashipur. It was established with the purpose of enhancing the financial knowledge of students through various conferences, events, activities, workshops and knowledge sharing sessions. Over the years, the club has adapted to the changing requirements and skill sets of incoming students and has inculcated them within its scope to help establish a strong foundation of financial knowledge outside the classroom.

Pragati - IIM Kashipur’s student-run Investment Fund

The Finance Club in 2019 launched Pragati, IIM Kashipur's student-run investment fund. Pragati is operated by the members of the club as a professional mutual fund, with the help of guidance of faculty in the finance area. The fund's main objective is to provide students a real-life experience of managing funds through applying academic theories to work. Pragati manages money entrusted by the students and alumni of IIM Kashipur, allotting them units of the fund. The Finance Club holds knowledge sharing sessions to share its investment strategies and publishes monthly factsheets that highlight the fund's monthly performance. The Finance Club will always follow its goal to enhance the financial knowledge of students and will continue to utilize its fund as an educational tool to support and enhance the knowledge of its investors.

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Aestimatus is the annual flagship case study competition of TFC and is held as part of Agnitraya. It is a national level competition which is held in three rounds. The first round is a quiz where the contestants are judged based on their knowledge of the financial domain and their reasoning skills. The second round is a case study competition where the shortlisted teams have to submit the analysis and outcomes from a given case study. The selected teams from the results of the second round then present their analysis to our esteemed judges.

High Stakes

High Stakes is an annual, simulation event involving the participants' skill for Hedging and Risk Management, which is conducted in tandem with Kashipur Premier League (KPL), participants can place their stakes on various possible outcomes of the matches played in KPL.

Open Outcry

Open Outcry is an “on-the-floor”, Over The Counter stock exchange trading simulation event where the participants had to judge the future of their holdings based on their intuition and the information provided to them.


Finleague is a series of events like Knowledge Sharing Sessions, Quizzes, and workshops to impart the knowledge of finance to the batch. The events are conducted throughout the academic year and is a mix of activities

  • Workshops: The Finance club organizes workshops on major finance skill sets which are imperative for the business world, so as to enhance the learning of the batch in finance. The workshop for 2020 was on “Equity Research & Financial Modeling”.
  • Knowledge Sharing Sessions: The Finance Club regularly organizes a series of knowledge-sharing sessions to impart a general understanding and working of trading mechanisms in the stock markets. This covers all the aspects from the basics of investing.

Beat The Bid
Beat the bid is an event where the participants are given some virtual money and a basket of commodities to place their bets on. Participants are rewarded based on the accuracy of the price of the basket predicted by them & their actual price.

Tie-Up with StockGro

TFC has tied up with StockGro which is a virtual stock trading platform. TFC in association with StockGro frequently conducts leagues, which are short events where participants can build virtual portfolios to compete & collaborate with each other.

Money Matters
Money Matters is a financial talk-series associated with Pragati, wherein investment professionals draw lessons from their personal experiences and discuss their approach to managing and investing money.

The Simulation Challenge
TFC in association with trading platforms like Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ) and StockGro conducts a real time event of trading stocks on a virtual platform over a period of time. The event is conducted for the purpose of giving an idea to the participants about trading with virtual money whilst competing with others to maximize their returns.

Guest Lectures
TFC organizes guest lectures in the finance domain as part of Conscientia, wherein we host CFOs from reputed companies who interact with the students of IIM Kashipur and share their vast knowledge and experience with them.

Annual Newsletter

Our annual newsletter consists of articles of the major happenings in the world of Finance. It also features articles of students, industry experts, and finance faculties of IIM Kashipur. The club also analyses and recommends various stocks with additional reference to our Pragati portfolio, that have huge investment potential.