Foreign Language and Culture Club

About FLCC

FLCC's mission is to promote foreign languages and cultures to the IIM Kashipur community. We aim to achieve this by hosting several activities over the year. Our activities include foreign language courses, quizzes on culture and customs, celebrations of cultural holidays such as Halloween, and language competitions.

With respect to this goal, FLCC also works on two social media initiatives.

‘FLCC Note’ is a project where we enlighten everybody about certain cultures and traditions and their impact on business strategies globally

'Word workout', where we introduce words from daily use which have a foreign origin with an exciting story behind the advent of the word.

These projects aimed to act as a bridge between business, daily life, and language by using floating words, commercial etiquettes and techniques, and foreign facts with significant cultural influence.


John VL Fanai

Nikhil Markad

Rohit Shivankar

Saurabh Barhate

Shantanu Singh


Halloween: Halloween was a fun event introducing Celtic culture and norms to the IIM Kashipur fraternity through multiple activities such as face-painting competition, Costume design contest. We also conducted a version of Red Light, Green Light inspired by the trending show “Squid Game.”

Foreign Language Workshop: We run 3- to 4-day programmes where we offer up a comprehensive learning of alphabets, greetings, fundamental grammar, cultural, and business etiquette. Along with the fundamentals, we will set up entertaining quizzes and activities here.

Duolingo Competition: A month-long language competition on the Duolingo platform intrigues the students to learn a foreign language in an interactive environment.

FLCC Kuizu: Quizzes on foreign culture, language, etiquettes and business, aiming to test the knowledge and keep the students aligned with the international trends.

Ultimate Product Pitch: A PAN India competition held under Agnitraya 8.0. In this competition, the participants submitted a presentation launching a new product in the Indian Market considering cultural and marketing strategic differences.