HRhythm Club

About HRhythm

HRhythm, the HR club of IIM Kashipur provides an active platform for HR enthusiasts to reduce the gap between corporate and academic settings in the field of human resources. It was conceived of and established with the intention of bringing together all students interested in HR and exploring chances to advance their academic knowledge, practical experience, and interpersonal skills. The activities are intended to advance IIM Kashipur's position as a leader in the field of human resource management and to help develop key competencies needed for professional success.

Chairperson: Prof A V Raman



Krishna Chaitanya K


P Mukunda Avinash

Sangeet Sudhanshu

Shubham Kumar



A variety of inter and intra-college events were curated and conducted, which include case study competitions, writing contests for articles, and other competitions which are centred around OB and HR.

  1. Scribble Dribble: It is a Pan-India Article Writing Competition. The aim of the event is to enable participants to unleash their innate potential and keep them abreast of the latest developments in the HR field and showcase their creativity and language skills.
  2. DecipHR: It is an intra-college event conducted to test and create awareness among the students of IIM Kashipur about the different specializations, trends and upcoming practices in the HR domain.
  3. Ignite: It is a one-of-a-kind Pan-India competition on recruitment bidding which challenges the participants on the concepts of Talent Acquisition, Hiring strategy and Talent Identification.
  4. HResilience: It is an intra-college case study competition which tests the creativity and presentation skills of the participants.
  5. Netrutva: It is a Pan India competition on the leadership concept. This event throws a real-world situation to the participants and tests their leadership abilities and situational awareness.
  6. A week in life of HR: The competition was aimed to provide participants an understanding of real-life scenarios and functions of an HR manager through a case based simulated environment. It would help participants step into the shoes of an HR manager and understand various intricacies of the HR domain.