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About Literary Club

The Literary Club at Indian Institute of Management Kashipur aims to promote and sustain all literary related domains such as book reading, debating, communicating, poem reciting, impromptu speaking, storytelling, creative writing etc. among students. The club throughout the year designs and conducts events aimed at honing these skills. Apart from utilizing internal resources for literary activities, the club collaborates with various external colleges, Literary events, and groups to further expand the scope of club’s activities. Some of the flagship events of the Club are Shabdkosh, Abhivyakti, Du Coeur, Spoken Word Night, MBA1 VS MBA2 Debate.


Ayush Sidhu

Manoj Kumar Rajpoot

Mayank Sharma

Pratik Kumar

Rishu Verma

Shivangi Rastogi

Shreya Palit




It's one of our most popular events, where students will be in the teams of two, one member will wear the sound cancelation headphones while the other one tells him/her some words. The member with headphones needs to guess the word/s.

MBA1 vs MBA2 Debate

MBA1 VS MBA2 debate was aimed to create competitiveness as well as creating bond between both the batches and this year MBA 1 emerged as the winner defeating MBA2. We witnessed a great evening and a lot of great insights over different topics from both the batches.

Chai pe Charcha

Reading a newspaper or a magazine with one’s evening Chai is a very Indian trait and having someone to discuss what you’re reading with is an added advantage. This event is an attempt to increase casual and informal communication among the batch while also having a healthy discussion on a relevant yet interesting topic. Through this event, we are trying to know each other better, enhance the communication skills of the students and provide a platform for an open discussion on any topic. On average we get 30 people for the event where everyone opines quite freely on general topics like “Are resolutions really a façade?” and “How much freedom is appropriate for an MBA graduate?” These are meant to stimulate the thinking and share opinion about pros and cons and everything in between

The Lit Community

We have a community of readers on a WhatsApp group, where we discuss everything, and anything related to books and literature. The aim is to bring the readers of IIM Kashipur close to each other, share e-books and book reviews within the community, which can be eventually added to the e-book shelf to be shared with the entire batch. This way, we not only bring together the book nerds but also encourage others to develop a habit of reading by providing them with a rich literature repository.


Perspective is an intra college event where the participants are given a n open platform to share their views and opinions over a redecided topic. Perspective helps the participants and the audience to think in multiple ways trying to look into the things from every possible end, and then lead to a conclusion. Perspective unlike debate lets the participants keep their viewpoints while respecting other opinions over the same.


‘I’ve never written a poem whose end I knew. Writing a poem is discovering’, Robert Frost.

Abhivyakti is a spoken word competition, held during Agnitraya – Annual fest of IIM Kashipur. Abhivyakti is an inter college competition where The Literary Club provides a platform to the participants from across the nation to share their creative works like prose, poetry, stories, with the IIM Kashipur fraternity.