The Motion Picture Club

About The Motion Picture Club

The Motion Picture Club aims to promote management learning through fun and recreational channels associated with world cinema. The club also helps the students enjoy themselves through movies in between their hectic MBA schedule.

Through screening movies related to management, TMPC aims to generate a discussion about the learnings those movies provide and we as a club also pass on various insights which may be of help to the IIM Kashipur fraternity.

The club also helps to create a platform for the students to discuss management learning from world cinema. We host a variety of activities, events, and competitions throughout the academic year to facilitate the objectives. Through them, we encourage students to take an active interest in extracurricular activities and develop their all-around potential.


Abhishek Attri

Athul A S

Deeksha Gaur

Kartikeya Agarwal

Prabhat Singh

Sudeeti Kapadia


  • Critique Du Flick - A Weekly Movie Review-cum-Recommendation initiative where movie reviews of various genres, geographies, and languages are posted across TMPC’s various social media handles. This is aimed at giving access and creating awareness about the plethora of diverse movies available around the world.
  • WhizSpree - Annual Movie Trivia Quiz Competition for IIM Kashipur fraternity, where students are quizzed regarding movies, TV series, documentaries all around the world. These ultimate movie quizzes will challenge the students to test and explore their knowledge and passion for movies from all the genres out there.
  • Article Writing Competition - Article writing competition (<1000 words) on a particular management theme of movies. The event was conducted on D2C. The submissions were judged based on the movie description and how the article relates the content of the movie and the management learning of the theme provided
  • Poster Making Competition - The Motion Picture Club organized a poster making competition in which participants were required to design a cross over movie poster. It involves the participant to choose a movie character of their own and blend it with another movie title. The winning criteria will be creativity and relevance.
  • Monthly Movie/Match Screening - Monthly movie or sports match screening. Sports matches will be screened based on their importance and relevance among the batch. Movie screening took place on campus. Regular collaboration with academic clubs like Econs to screen movies related to management domain