OnYourMark – Marketing Club

About OnYourMark - Marketing Club

OnYourMark, the Marketing Club of IIM Kashipur, was established on 16th January 2014 by the students of IIM Kashipur to promote and nurture the marketing acumen in the IIM Kashipur community. The raison d’être for OYM is to create an amenable ethos towards marketing. OYM strives to create enthusiasm among the students for the domain of marketing, and guide them to explore their careers in this field. As it has rightly been said in the busine/ss-world, “Marketing is not anyone’s job… It’s everyone’s job!”. We seek to make the student community well-versed with the recent happenings in the field of marketing in order to aid them in their industry recruitment process. 

The club also gears students towards marketing by providing them with the industry exposure to ace the various Corporate Competitions and other Inter and Intra college competitions. 

OYM oversees several initiatives to achieve the club’s

Vision: To improve the Marketing Acumen of IIM Kashipur & build a culture of Marketing studies.

Mission: Organizing student-centric events to involve maximum participation and benefits for all.



Ayush Sidhu

Deeksha Gaur

Drishti Aggarwal

Garvita Singh

Sarthak Gehlot

Shefali Gulati

Shivam Shukla

Shubham Dharmat



Guerrilla MarFair: A Guerrilla marketing event enabling participants to create displays and advertise any brand. The event boasts an average participation of 100+ students every year.

Markaholic: The flagship case study competition of OYM which is an event conducted during Agnitraya, with participants coming from all the top B-schools like IIM Lucknow, IIM K, IIFT, etc.

Online Week of Social Media Marketing: Participants create a video Advertisement based on the theme selected and strive to go viral on social media. This tests and hones the participant’s social media strategy and technique which is a quickly growing and required marketing skill.

Dumb-Char-ads: An offline Event with multiple rounds where every round is an elimination round. Each round contained different activity/task. It involves teams to in-act the brands and also to come up with creative taglines for the brand.

Meme-Omento: Meme-Omento is conducted to instill marketing knowledge in students about moment marketing through its quiz and meme making rounds.

Pitch Please: An inter-college sales pitch event to be conducted on the Dare2Compete platform. This event is a test of persuasion and zeal presented as a challenge to the participants. Participants need to pitch a product, an idea, or a sellable item, and winners will be decided on the basis of 'Creativity', 'Originality of the idea', 'Content', and 'Communication skills.

Product Resurrection: Product Resurrection is an Intra college event which involves a test of creativity and passion for problem solving and bringing back great products back to life with a Bang and present them in a modern and successful manner.

Ambush Marketing: An offline event where the participants uses their creativity to implement the tactic of ambush marketing to ambush their rival teams during the Kashipur Premier League.

The club also conducts Dossier session so as to increase the Knowledge in the field of marketing with objective to help the students perform better in studies and their placements.