Quest - The Quiz Club

About Quest

Quest is the quiz club of IIM Kashipur which aims at imbibing the quizzing culture into the intellectual minds of the students. Quest also promotes a healthy and competitive quizzing culture among the students of IIM Kashipur and gets them ready to crack the first round of any corporate and B-school competitions. Our quizzes and sessions are centered on evaluating competitions that aid in the development of a cohort of proactive persons, and students actively participate in the events in order to 'Quench their Quest for Quizzing.'

Chairperson: Prof Abhishek Srivastava


Chetan Chaurasia

Dhruv Yadav

Mayank Damani

Mohit Kumar

Shivangi Rastogi

Shubham Garg


KQL (Kashipur Quizzing League) is a year-long series of four quizzes centered on various areas. Active quiz minds assemble on the same platform to showcase their quizzing abilities and strive to climb the success ladder to the top position and emerge as series winners.

Weekender is a series of online quizzes, conducted throughout the year with the vision of providing general knowledge to the students and keeping them up to date with what is happening around the globe.

The Good, The Bad, & The Qrious is our Pan-India quizzing festival, conducted on Unstop and Zoom platforms, which featured two events: The Great India Quiz, an All-India Open Quiz; and Questopia, an exclusive treasure hunt for college-level students. The objective of the quizzing festival is to appeal to a more diverse audience and instill in the minds of young people a deep-seated desire to participate in quizzes.

W.T.F! (World, Travel & Fashion) is the All-India Open quiz organized during Agnitraya 8.0. he quiz included a wide range of themes, including the world, travel, and fashion. The quiz attracted participants from schools, colleges, business institutions, and even corporations.