Reverb - The Music Club

About Reverb - The Music Club

If music is food for the soul, then Reverb is the chef for IIM Kashipur to satiate the musical palette of our talented students. Reverb the Music club of IIM Kashipur was created to encourage the campus's musical talent and provide a platform for students to showcase their abilities and to spread the love for music as well as encourage students to share their passion for music through new and innovative ways. The club started the "Kaspian MeloBees" WhatsApp group to bring together all music lovers, which serves as a venue for individuals to showcase their musical talent. Reverb maintains a specific music equipment and amenities so that students can take part in jam sessions and advance the college's musical culture. The club represents IIM Kashipur in various Inter-college and Pan India competition. The club is active throughout the year, hosting activities such as live musical nights, and jam sessions to strengthen our college's sense of art intellect.


Abhikant Pratyush Singh

Ayush Sikdar

Buddha Kinkar Bhaumik

Chinmayee Brahmankar

Ravi Shankar B

Riya Munim

Saurabh Sarkhel​

Srujana Koravi​


  1. Kaspian Idol: Reverb initiated its flagship event with an objective to provide a platform to all the music lovers to showcase their talents and to provide recognition to the best singers and musicians on the campus.
  2. Golden Mic: This is a pan-Indian online medley competition hosted on Unstop. It gives college students from all around India a platform to creatively display their musical abilities. The competition consists of two rounds, the first of which is the screening phase. The contestants send in their solo recordings.   The contestants that make the shortlist advance to the medley round, where the finalists create a medley of three songs using three distinct genres that are provided. The judges analyze the medley entries, and monetary prizes are given to the winners.
  3. Jam Sessions: Students are invited to observe and take part in Jam sessions hosted by Reverb on campus. This is a heartfelt gathering with lots of music throughout the lovely moonlit nights. Don't forget to attend these campus events. Additionally, a chance visit to the music room will reveal the budding Mozarts and Beethovens of our university honing their skills.
  4. The Rhapsody Series: Reverb created an online campaign where IIM Kashipur students could demonstrate their musical abilities, whether they were instrumental or vocal. Reverb's social media channels choose to spotlight a few of these videos.
  5. Kaspian MeloBees: An initiative to link up all the music lovers on campus. This WhatsApp group was created with the goal of elevating everyone's interest in music and encouraging and promoting our kids' musical abilities..
  6. SURabhi Series: Reverb's initiative to teach youngsters about India's extensive musical history. The essence of Indian state-specific folk and classical music is captured in these fascinating and informative posts. The students can also appreciate the lovely quaint music of our rich and colorful culture by seeing a film or listening to an audio of the well-known musicians.