Mess Committee

About Mess Committee

The Mess Committee of IIM Kashipur is an independent, not for profit organization that caters to the nutritional needs of 700+ stakeholders which includes students, faculties, PhD students and administrative staff throughout the year.

Managing the end-to-end operations of the mess provides the team an all-round exposure of running an organization. The students handle all activities including deciding the menu, procurement, budgeting, financing, staff management, inventory management, ultimately making the team competent enough to handle an actual business.

The team takes utmost care to incorporate the preference of every student, as much as possible, while deciding and planning the menu. Arrangement of special food for students during their fast and festivals is also done by the Mess Committee. In addition to this, providing food for students who have fallen sick is also one of the services that the mess provides through a tiffin delivery system.

The mess committee has a dedicated line-up of experienced cooks, trusted vendor management system, proper procurement channels with extensive quality checks imbibed within the value chain to ensure timely delivery of top-quality scrumptious food every time.`

It is extremely important for the team to be proactive in the face of a dynamic and ever-changing environment. We truly live by our Institute's motto of 'Learning by Doing'!


Abhishek Attri

Anant Kumar Rathod

Ishan Patel

Kundan Kumar

Lavanya Bagadi

Paresh Kumar Jaiswal

Rishabh Dev Gupta

Samarth Sandha

Shubham Guntewar

Yukti Dewan


Disposable plate system

Taking into consideration the recent Covid situation, an initiative of providing disposable plates along with tiffin delivery system was introduced by the Mess Committee. To curb the spread of Covid on campus, anybody showing symptoms was allowed to avail this service by asking their friends to bring food for them. In case when an entire floor was quarantined, mess staff used to deliver food to the rooms of such students. Also, to maintain social distancing in mess, students were requested to come to mess slot wise according to their blocks which was half an hour for around 120 students.

New Year Special Dinner

This New Year the Mess Committee at IIM Kashipur made the night memorable by placing a live counter for Pan and Kulfi during the serving of special dinner with music setup in the background. The initiative was taken when the mess was operating at full capacity with 600+ students by preparing a total of 12 items in the menu. Both the batches appreciated the efforts and enjoyed the arrangements. To maintain smooth operations, three counters were arranged for the management of queue.

Similarly, every festival (Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas, Eid) is celebrated with great enthusiasm at IIM Kashipur and the Mess Committee tries to bring special festive meals to celebrate and develop a culture of sharing happiness through food.


On behalf of the Experiential Learning Cell, the Mess Committee organized a special lunch and dinner for their event ‘Samarthan’. The event was attended by various EL clients, professors, administrative staff and 500+ students. In addition to 11 items in the menu, a live counter for Pan and Welcome Drinks were also placed during the event.