Media and Public Relations Committee

About Media and Public Relations Committee

The Media and Public Relations Committee of IIM Kashipur is responsible for handling and nurturing the image of brand IIM Kashipur in the eyes of all the stakeholders. It works in the direction of amplifying the brand equity of IIM Kashipur and reverberates the successful growth of the institute.

The Media and Public Relations Committee (MPRC) acts as a bridge between IIM Kashipur fraternity and the external world encompassing the neighbouring communities of IIM Kashipur, different levels of government, the media and the general public. MPRC advances information and communications related to the institute's mission to drive academic excellence through a variety of managed media channels. The aim of MPRC is to realise the vision of the institute of becoming an institute of eminence that fosters management research and education, and develops leaders for creating positive societal impact in a changing world.

The team is involved in developing and maintaining a positive reputation with the public through various forms of communication- be it the traditional media or the new age digital media. The team handles the press releases and media including TV coverage of all the events that take place at IIM Kashipur. It maintains a strong relationship with media houses like India Today, Economic Times, Times of India, Hindustan Times and other national and local newspapers.

MPRC aims to increase the visibility of IIM Kashipur on different digital media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Blogs, InsideIIM, and other allied social media and posting platforms for effective positioning and enhancing the brand image of IIM Kashipur. The team crafts the social media campaigns and is responsible for creating content. These pages are imperative in managing public relations for IIM Kashipur and have seen an exponential rise in reach and followers over the past years.

Team MPRC also holds the responsibility for managing the IIM Kashipur website – structuring it, adding relevant content like banners for achievements in Corporate Competitions and updating the website with the latest happenings on the campus. Being the media interface, the team collaborates with all the other clubs, committees and cells and covers their events and activities. MPRC also frames a well-defined strategy for marketing the vivid student life at IIM Kashipur campus. All the communication regarding the external events, activities, and participation from the institute in the same also falls under the purview of the committee. Team MPRC also designs promotional posters and videos, does live coverage of the events and after movies for the flagship events of the college such as ‘Samanvaya’, the annual HR conclave; ‘Agnitraya’ - the annual fest of the college ; TEDx ; ‘Uttishtha’ – the annual entrepreneurship summit; ‘Tejas’ – Leadership Talk Series and the MBA lecture series. MPRC also assists in gauging the interests of all the stakeholders in various corporate competitions by creating engaging videos.

In nutshell, team MPRC creates and optimally capitalises on all the opportunities to steer brand IIM Kashipur towards unfathomable heights.

Chairperson: Prof Smarak Samarjeet


Aarti Singhal

Ayushi Jha

Dipti Sarkar

Mrigank Sinha

Nilay Kaushik

Rahul Pandey

Rajat Srivastava

Renu Meena

Saurabh Sarkhel

Shruti Vinayak Vetal
Shubham Kumar