Student Council

The Student Council is the highest governing student body of the college which is responsible for the welfare of students in the college by ensuring the smooth functioning of all the activities and student bodies. It is a body of the students, by the students and for the students. It integrates the academic and co-curricular spheres of students' lives, linking the out-of-class experience to the academic mission of the Institute and incorporating student's intellectual, public service, and leadership interests with their future aspirations. It collaborates with students, faculty, administrators, and other partners both inside and outside of the IIM Kashipur community to ease and complement the quality of life and learning for students.

  • Student council acts as the first representative of the students both inside and outside the Institute and ensures that all the activities are aligned to the vision of the institute.
  • Coordination with all the chairs, heads and others in administration for all matters concerning improving student life at the Institute including, academics, facilities, infrastructure, hostels, mess, security, external engagement, etc.
  • They are responsible for all student activity both inside and outside the college and ensure that the image of the institute and the interests of the students are always upheld.
  • They have to resolve any conflict between student bodies and/or individual students, along with all the responsibilities which don’t fall under any other student bodies.
  • They are also responsible for all the student body activities among the students’ community within the institute and act as a liaison between all the student bodies, to ensure their smooth working.
  • Student Council is also responsible for the fair use of funds that are granted by the Institute, received as sponsorship from external bodies or collected from the students of the Institute, and has to ensure that fair process is followed in the spending of the budget by doing regular financial audits.
  • Proper maintenance of discipline in the college.
  • Understanding the concerns of students and student bodies at regular intervals, and solving them through necessary means.
  • Performance reviews of students and student bodies along with financial audits and inspection of spending by student bodies.
  • Reviewing the structure of all the student bodies and making changes as required due to the evolving environment.
  • Uniform distribution of activities and events in the college throughout the year along with ensuring fair processes in the selection of individuals in any student body.
  • The Student Council has to, once in a year, review the structure of all the student bodies and make changes in their composition, functioning, and representation as required due to the evolving environment, in coordination with the Chair of that particular student body, if any. This may include, but not limited to, merging of committees/clubs or the creation of a new student body.
  • Student Council, especially the President and General Secretary are responsible for resolving any conflicts between the committees/clubs/cells/cores and/or individual students.
  • Student Council, being responsible for all student activities, has to be in cognizance of all the student activities both inside and outside the college. This makes it imperative for all events to be reported, by the event organizing committee/club/cell/core, beforehand to the President, General Secretary, Chairperson, and Co-Chairperson. Reporting includes providing information regarding the conception of the activity/event, the selection process of the organizing team for the activity/event, and activity/event proposal.

Prof Mayank Sharma
Chairperson (Student-Affairs)

Mohit Malpani

Preet Tejwani
General Secretary

Buddala Venkata Sri Vyshnavi
Girls' Representative

Sravan Hariharan
 Secretary, Academic Committee 

Nihali Sawant
Secretary, Alumni Relations Committee

Vishal Raj Purohit
Secretary, Cultural Committee

Ankit Sinha
Secretary, Infrastructure & IT Committee

Thejesh Doraboyana
Secretary, International Relations Committee

Rohith Sajeev
Secretary, Media & Public Relations Committee

Siddhant Chauhan
Secretary, Mess Committee

Ritwik Singh
Secretary, Sports Committee