Creative Studios

About Creative Studios

Creative studios is a blend of designers and vendor managers who are responsible for the design and procurement of various merchandise products for the batch and for the different student bodies as per their requirements. It attends to the various designing requirements (such as logos, posters, banners, brochures, yearbook) for all the major college events which includes annual fests, sports activities, and corporate events. The team has expertise in Procreate, Photoshop, Adobe Sketch, Filmora, Blender etc and strives to create a creative atmosphere in the college by encouraging and organising workshops to help the students. Apart from this our team manages the official online merchandise store of IIM Kashipur. The online merchandise store has a variety of products like t-shirts, hoodies, casual t-shirts, mug, masks, water bottles and badges. The designs of all these products fall under the sole purview of Creative Studios. Last year our team handled the logistics and procurement of over 500+ official batch hoodies and 250+ official batch t-shirts. Further, finding good vendors and delivery partners for materialization of design and shipment; and working on having a long-term relationship with them is an integral responsibility of the cell. This year the Design Cell will be launching its workshop on Design Thinking and Innovation to ignite creative thinking among the future managers of the country.

The Design Cell of IIM Kashipur officially works under the name ‘Creative Studios’.


Ketan Goyal

Pandiri Harika Naga Sujatha

Pradeep Jassal

Priyadarshita Saren

Rubin S

Sherin Mathew

Shiv Shankar Banerjee

Srishti Jovita Toppo

Stanley Stephen B