About E-Cell

Our cell represents the vision of the institute itself – an Indian Institute of Management tasked by the society to develop business leaders, and serve society to the best of its ability. We are neither restricted by boundaries nor by our imaginations and for us, the student body is more than a place for the members to just conduct a few events – we prioritize cultivating a culture of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking throughout the years.

We aim to,

  • aid and support budding entrepreneurs with essential resources
  • promote the development of entrepreneurial mindset across our stakeholders
  • further the spirit of intrapreneurship among our colleagues in the institute

Adapting to the year of uncertainties, this year has been a blessing in disguise for us. Our E-Cell conducted a plethora of events that would otherwise have been impossible for us. This year we conducted the following:

  1. Samvaad: A 1-to-1 dialogue between Entrepreneurs and our Colleagues to understand the world of entrepreneurship
  2. Be Buffett Creative: Investment is a critical part of entrepreneurship. This event was modeled around the similar lines
  3. School Outreach Program: Our team interacted with over 250 students of class 8th to 10th to help develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  4. HULT On-Campus Event: HULT is the Nobel prize in entrepreneurship. Imbibing the spirit, we established an entry point for students to join the HULT Prize
  5. Uttishtha'21: Our flagship Annual Entrepreneurship Summit [to be added]

Mentee and Chairperson

Prof Safal Batra








Pulkit Singal

Purab Agarwal

Rahul Lamba

Tanmay Mohanta


The student body conducts its annual flagship event - Uttishtha to celebrate entrepreneurship and bring together investors, industry experts and startups to one common platform.