About Consilium

Chairperson: Prof Shobha Tewari

Consilium, the Consulting and Strategy Club of IIM Kashipur is one of the Academic clubs functioning in the institute. It was established with the vision of nurturing students to become future leaders in the domain of consulting and business strategy through case study competitions, live-projects, seminars, workshops, and industry interactions.

The club strives towards garnering interest in the students in the field of Consulting and providing them with the right kind of industry exposure. The club regularly organizes interactions with eminent personalities from the consulting industry aiming to bridge the gap between the industry and academia. It also considers its responsibility to make the members aware of the fundamental matrices and frameworks used in the field of consulting. The club aims to hone the case-solving skills of its members and to make them learn a structured way to go about the analysis of complex problems.

Apart from all this, they have a thriving online presence on various social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. Regularly posting about the latest strategic happenings in organizations across industries not only in India but located throughout the world.


Abhishek Kori

Amey Pachpute

Arsalan Ahmed

Ashutosh Sushil Gupta

Deep Swaroop Garg

Prashant Jagiasi

Sachin Shinkar

Saumya Rastogi

Savinay Goel

Shreya Singh



'Consilium Conversations', our Strategy Talk Series, was initiated by the club in the current academic year, where we invited budding entrepreneurs and industry stalwarts for an interview and tried to unearth the strategies that go behind creating a successful business or project. Some of the esteemed guests included - Triston Francis (Consultant - BCG Singapore), Kajol Phadnis Patel (Top 100 Women in Tech UK, Senior Consultant - Deloitte UK), Sheetal Jain (Founder & CEO - Luxe Analytics).

'Consulting Knights' and 'Ranbhoomi' are the annual pan India case study competitions organized by the club which sees active participation from numerous teams from the best management institutes of the country. Organized in collaboration with corporates, it challenges the students with real-life problems being faced by organizations and pushes them to come up with a viable solution. This helps the participants to build their consulting quotient and get relevant industry exposure. This year the club collaborated with Pumpkart. Pumpkart is a leading B2B Smart Marketplace for Agricultural and Industrial Pumps, that was lauded by Alphabet's CEO Sundar Pichai in 2015 during a speech at the 'Digital India' conclave, and became the first & only startup to represent India at UN Summit, 2018.

'Endgame', the National Business Simulation Game, we place the participants in a simulated business environment where they have to devise strategies to beat their competitors rationally.

'Foresight Series' is a series of 3 intra-college events ranging from guesstimates to infographic designing to quizzes. All structured in a manner to tickle your grey cells and push the consultant in you to think and come up with the best information.

Consilium Creative Explainers’ is a new initiative started by the club in this academic year. It is an animated video series in the form of a dialogue. The club has started it with an aim to share the domain knowledge with the audience.

'Consilium Insider' is a monthly newsletter published by the club after careful curation of articles related to the recent developments in the industry in that month.

Disquisition’ is a PAN India article writing competition organized by the club.