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The Indian Institute of Management Kashipur is a second-generation IIM set up by the Government of India in 2011. It aspires to achieve excellence in management education by using innovative teaching methods, promoting high quality research and practicing sustainable leadership.

Celebrating ten years of serving the education and management sector, IIM Kashipur is committed to its four core values: collegiality, transparency, green consciousness, pro-active engagement with all stakeholders. The institute believes that as an institution of national importance, it has a larger role to play in the field of management education and social transformation. Our strategic goals include improvement of the academic ecosystem; synergy between educational theory, practice and research; promotion of innovation, entrepreneurship and public service; empowerment of local stakeholders; upliftment of economically challenged sections of the society; and gender diversity.

Center of Excellence

IIM Kashipur has established three Center of Excellence that are envisaged to serve as the intersection of scholarship, education, training, research and consultancies putting breakthrough interdisciplinary approach at the service of students as well as government and private entities.