About the Area

The Economics Area conducts research on issues regarding the management of Organizations, Institutions, State and Societies. The emphasis is on empirical research. The members of the area have a wide variety of research interests, which includes Public Finance (Both Centre, State and PRIs) , Monetary Economics and Finance, Growth and Development, International Trade Policy, International Finance, Labour, Agricultural Development and Policy, Industrial Economics and Policy, Rural-Urban transformation, Rural Development, Urban Economics and Applied Econometrics. Faculties are extensively doing research, training and consultancy on these areas. In these activities the interdisciplinary approach are also been incorporated. The research and teaching, in the area, comprise of both quantitative and qualitative aspects of economics.

The faculties in the area have expertise in doctoral supervision in the above-mentioned areas and welcome doctoral candidates with interest in these and allied areas. After successful completion of the fellow program in management with specialisation in economics, the candidates can look forward to rewarding and meaningful professional life in academia, industry and policy institutions.

The area offers various courses in all programs of the Institute. In the Post Graduate program as well as in Executive Post Graduate program, there are two compulsory courses offered by the area: Microeconomics, and Macroeconomics. A number of elective courses offered by this area- this includes International Economics, Indian Economy, Economics of Developing Countries and Econometrics for Managers.

List of Faculty Members

Prof Abhradeep Maiti
Prof Atulan Guha
Md Gyasuddin Ansari
Prof Jagadish Prasad Sahu
Prof Kulbhushan Balooni
Prof Vaibhav Bhamoriya