Our Logo

IIM Kashipur Logo reflects business education which deals with the triple bottom line of the People, Planet, and Profit. Education is based on the triple foundation of humility, character, and righteousness. This is to nurture a social conscience that delivers performance and excellence across cultures, functions and geographies - 'again a triad’.

This concept derives inspiration from this triad of things and tries to depict a central conscience through the blue triangle within the larger triangle which swirls out in all the three directions yet maintains its colour -the conscience. The symbol also depicts the flexibility and intermingling of triads –the different personal, professional and social forces - through the arcs and the creation of the triangles in the negative space yet maintaining connectivity with the roots (conscience) through the colour. The symbol shows that you may go out and swirl and churn in the outside world but the core conscience given is so sustainable that it will never lose its effect -its colour (blue).