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Live Projects

Live Projects

Invitation To Organisations For Providing Live Projects For Iim Kashipur Students

Live projects are a remote micro-internship opportunity, where the students would be working in an organization. Such a collaboration would not only help the students in bridging the learning gap between theoretical knowledge and practical applications but also provide valuable insights with fresh perspectives to the organization and companies can leverage this opportunity to choose from the large talented pool on campus We would like to invite organisations (startups or established ones, for-profit or not-for-profit or any kind of venture) to come up with live project opportunities for IIM Kashipur students. Students can bring in fresh perspectives to business problems.

Recruiters interested in offering Live Projects to the students of IIM Kashipur can fill in the form given below:
IIM Kashipur Live Projects

IIM Kashipur - Live Projects Domains & Roles:
Live Project Domains

Project Duration

It can be a maximum of 3 months. Although it depends on the organization, we have most of the Live Projects for a duration of 2 months.

Selection Process:
  • Once you share the Job Description with us, we will float the Live Project to all the students.  
  • Based on their interests, students will apply for the opportunity.
  • Post that, we will share the students’ profiles (contact details and their CVs) and then the organization can shortlist the candidates based on their profiles/ personal interviews/ any other selection process (depending on the organization)
  • The organization must share the shortlist with us and we will announce the final shortlist.
  • After that, the organization can connect with the selected students and take the project forward.

Offer By The Organization:

What is it that the students get after the completion of the Live Project?

  • Stipend (Negotiable)
  • Duly signed Live Project Completion Certificate (Mandatory)

Alternatively, you can also reach out to us at crc[at]iimkashipur[dot]ac[dot]in and we will get back to you.

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